Friday, November 30, 2012

Deck the Halls


A Top 10 of Festive Decoration.

1.  This year is a nifty year, we have a total of 3 trees (I know crazy) and one we designated as the Disney Tree.  So Christopher was thrilled to put his My First Christmas Winnie the Pooh ornament on that tree first.

2.  Chris puts up a star ornament he made in MOPS before Sam was born.  

3.  Sam puts on his own ornaments.  

4.  Sam puts his own My First Pooh ornament on the Disney Tree. :) 

5.  I watch happily as my boys all decorate.  I had overdone it a bit on Tuesday, and by evening, I only had energy to wrap one tree in tinsel garland I was done, I had to sit.  

6.  Cookie and Oscar!  My sister and I had this set of Sesame street ornaments when we were little, and I mean LONG AGO, when my parents were married.  To Each Other.  We got the set, and though they have seen better days, the kids and I still love pulling them out every year.  This year, Chris pretended he was Cookie, and he was going to eat Oscar and every other ornament and cookie he could find.  His Cookie Monster impression was Spot On. 

7.  Sam's first ornament.  My friend Cathy C. knit this itty bitty hat for me when I was pregnant with Sam.  It was his first Christmas ornament, before he even got here.  It may have fit him at the time, as he was the size of a tomato at the time, but not anymore.   

8.  Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bells Rock!  That's what they were singing as they decorated.  Then they started running around the house singing, and less decorating was happening, it was time for bed.  

 9.  Christopher finds "his ornament".  His special ornament from Bronner's Christmas store in Frankenmuth, MI that has his name on it.  He gets excited about that one every year too.  Going to need to order another one some time this year before next Christmas. ;)

10.  My contribution.  Aside from wearing myself out with tinsel, I sat and opened box ornaments. Then I waddled all these Silver Snowflakes to the upstairs tree and stayed there.  We've been collecting them, in our silver pattern since we got married.   Almost all caught up. ;)  

Thanks to Christopher for taking this picture of me.  In spite of looking like a hot mess, he always gets the best smiles from me, probably because I love him so.  It does my heart good to see him with a camera.  He's my favorite photographer.