Sunday, November 18, 2012

Snowy Morning


Wild weather on Monday morning.  We had rain, that as I watched turned from sleet to snow.  It made Beauty in my front yard, so of course I had to go out and take a few pictures. ;)

First we met Fat Squirrel.  One of these days, Princess is going to catch one of these guys.  He got a little daring, coming up on to our front porch.  But I could tell he was cold. The sleet was kind of sticking to his fur, and he was all fluffed up, but his feet were cold and wet.  If he wasn't an annoying little rodent, I would have felt sorry for him. 

Eric's Dawn Redwood, beautiful in it's normal fall color change.  These redwood needles change colors and then fall off, before growing back in the spring.  Though they kind of look like a Christmas tree, they are not an Evergreen. 

So pretty with the raindrops captured on them. 

Sam spots the snow falling! 

Sam watches the snowfall. 

What a gorgeous snow!  Our first snow of the season! 

It took a bit, but it stuck just a little bit.  So I put Sam's pumpkin in the snow for modeling, this one ended up being one of my favs of the day too.  

Even some of the snowflakes got to stick to the Dawn Redwood briefly.  

Snowflakes and raindrops held captive by the redwood needles. 

Snow flake clumps become water droplets. 

Beautiful contrast. My fav redwood shot, so I made it the cover photo for a bit. 

 Love getting out and taking pictures of nature, most of the time they hold more still than my children.