Sunday, November 18, 2012

Chopping down a tree


If you look at this picture, taken last week, you'll notice a disgusting mostly dead tree in the foreground.  Well, last Sunday my wonderful husband finally chopped it down.  Last year we had squirrels living in it through the winter, and it was only mostly dead then.  As much as squirrels annoy me, I wouldn't want them dying because the dead tree they were living in, came crashing down into our house.  Doubly good reason to get rid of the tree.  And Eric finally got it done!  I was very happy to finally see that thing gone, AND he got it done before anyone was trying to live in it. ;) 
As an added bonus, after I returned home with Chris from his roller skating party, and Eric had started a fire for us.  It was a wonderful evening for it.  Little did he know, that this photography group I'm in on FB had an assignment this month, Nighttime Photography.  I'm terrible with night time photography, because it requires a few things: a steady hand or a tripod.  As I seem to have lost both, it's a little tricky.  So I needed a nice light source.  Thanks to my husband for providing one!   Here's my photos that I shot in Manual last Sunday night.  

This one is my favorite, because of the sillouettes of the trees in the background. 

Burning logs.  

Sometimes those embers look so hot, and glow so brightly they don't even look real. 


That's a happy man, poking a hot fire!  Oh, all he needs is a beer!  Wait until the kids are down. 

Using the flash to capture Christopher roasting marshmallows.  He keeps forgetting that he hates them crunchy.  Just so happens though that Mommy digs them Charred!  

Chris and Sam skip to the end, and just break into the marshmallow bag to eat them straight up. 

Why bother cooking a marshmallow when you can eat the pieces separately?

Back to Manual, I got some neat ones of Sam.  I love the looks on his face, just wish he wasn't moving as much.  

Some dessert chocolate.  

All my Boyz, just chilling watching the fire burn. 

We discovered Prinny's favorite game.  She likes to watch the fire, and chase the sparks! 

It was really windy, there was a storm rolling in, and when the wind would gust, it would blow up a shower of sparks.  We were wise enough to stay back, or get the boys inside once it got a bit too blustery, but I sat outside and watched the dog chase the sparks for 20 minutes.  It was hysterical.  

Eric asks, who's the bigger idiot?  The dog for chasing the sparks, or us, for sitting there, laughing hysterically and watching her.