Friday, November 30, 2012

Bedrest, for real this time


 Tuesday I overdid it.  I was feeling good, getting in the holiday spirit, and I let Sam stay late at school.  I was planning on doing brunch with Mom W. and running her to the hospital for a couple of appointments.  But before we ate, I was just dying to stop at Hobby Lobby.  I bought some shirts and some yarn, we ate, and went over to the hospital.  And while there, I started spotting.  I wasn't too worried, I wasn't crampy.  The blood was most likely the stuff they'd seen on the ultrasound the week before, not fresh from a ripped placenta.  So Eric and I talked about it, and since I felt good, we stayed home.  I tried to take it easy, but I was too tempted by the holiday spirit again to decorate the trees.  So I helped a bit, absolutely minimally, I swear, my body was doing a fine job of telling me when was too much.

By Wednesday, I figured we were Good.  The only thing on the docket was taking Sam to gymnastics, but by about 11, I started feeling crappy. I hadn't done much at all actually, just got the boys dressed, and picked up a few things around the house.   I called a friend and she took Sam to class.  I called my doctor, and spoke with my nurse.  I think that just doing a little bit around the house was wearing me out too much.  She and I agreed that until I'm healed, I should probably just be on Modified Bedrest.  And by that I mean, I can sit, I lay down.  Minimal trips down the stairs.  I can drive and passenge, but I can not do much when I get there.  Mom W. and I had been joking about getting a wheelchair.  Looks like I'm going to be really Needing it now.  I'm too tempted to do stuff on my own, then quickly regret it.

My contracty cramps were getting painful.  That afternoon, they were so bad, I couldn't sleep.  That's a bad sign to me.  Usually if I lay down in the dark and the quiet, I can sleep, and the contractions would stop.  They didn't.  I needed them too. The fact that I couldn't sleep worried me more, and probably made me not sleep more.  At 17 weeks, no good can come of lots of contractions.  Then I got to crying, and I went ahead and put a call back in to the nurse and to Eric.  He got home before they called me back, but I figured they'd want to see me if the cramps were preventing sleep.  I drank a boatload of water, and they called saying come on up north.  We dropped the boys off at Kathleen's, they were thrilled and north we went.  They took me up to Labor and Delivery and examined me, hooked me up to a few things.  My blood pressure was high for me 137/80, I'm like a 110-120 gal.  But I figure I was worried and in pain, those things don't work well for BP.  But it calmed down.  It was also a bit of a hoof up to their floor, perhaps I should roll next time, not walk it.  They drew some blood, took an ultrasound, and the baby and I were Fine.  But I was a little bloody, not fresh, and they checked the tear, which was still in existence, not gone.  The doctor told me to go home, REST! (For real this time!) and that "tomorrow" they would send me to see High Risk/Maternal Fetal Medicine.  The Pros.  OK.  I liked that plan.  They'll figure out what's going on with El Bebe and I. They haven't called with my appointment yet, but since I'm sitting and laying down a lot today, I plan on stalking them until I have an appointment.

Meanwhile, the world is a much better and calmer place when I get to see a healthy wiggly baby with a strong heartbeat (160).  We went home in a much happier place.  Frankly, I was very comforted by the wonderful staff, who told me that though I felt like I was catastrophizing, I'm not, that THAT is Exactly why they are there.  24/7! the nurse kept telling me.  They even fed me snacks (which Hendricks did not). They are so nice up there!  Worth the drive!

We swung by Kathleen's and it was good to just sit and get loved on by girls and boys.  I hadn't seen the girls in a while, and they'd had a great evening playing with the boys, but the twins couldn't stop chattering at me.  It felt good to be so loved.

And Baby #3 is Just Fine.  My  primary Job has gone from Stay-at-home Mom rarely at home, to Stay at Home Mom, Baking a Baby.  So we're just going to be Resting for a while.