Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thanks Dad!


I'm so Thankful for Eric's Dad.  This is what the boys did last Saturday.  The weekend before, Eric had tried to cap the air vents that open on the sides of the house.  Yes, they've been open for the 1 1/2 years we've lived here.  And this past spring, we had some birdies living in one vent, and I could hear critters of some sort in the other.  So this fall, when we were sure no little birdies were living there, we put the task, Cap the Vents on the calendar.  Eric got them almost all of them done by himself, but the last one.  When he took our 23 foot extension ladder to that side of the house, he didn't fit. He could touch that last vent that was 25 feet up, but he couldn't get the leverage to drill in, and reaching down from the roof wasn't an option.  So he opted to rent a 30 foot ladder from Dean's Rent-All in town, they are so Nice over there.  They loaded it up on the car, and he drove it home, but they warned us ahead of time it would need 2 people.  Um yeah, it was rather terrifying to me, to watch them at work.  God Bless Dad for coming to the rescue, there was no way I could be Eric's spotter on that.  Made me queasy to just take the picture.  2 hours from start to finish, the vents are all capped.  :)