Monday, November 26, 2012

Near Miss

OK, if you don't like reading about uteruses, and the things that can go wrong with them, please don't continue.  I was not feeling well last Tuesday night.  The errands of the day, combined with not getting a nap, made me very sore and tired come the end of the day.  Plus it was a Bells night, so Eric left me to deal with the boys.  They were in crazy form, but I was not in a place to deal with it, and yelling at them left me hurting even more, and at one point, they were both in time out, and I was on the floor crying.  By the time, Eric got home, I was still sore, but not crying anymore.  Then I went to the bathroom.   I was having Spotting.  
I panicked a bit, and called my doctor.  The doc on call told me to drink a lot of water, lay down on my left side, go to bed, (like I was going to be able to sleep) and let her know if the pain got worse.  She wanted me to call at 7:30 am to get myself squeezed into the ultrasound schedule in the office.  I knew sleep was not going to come to me easily, so I took some Tylenol PM, watched tv and went to bed.  
Only to wake at 5:30 with really painful cramping. Well, it was sharp enough to wake me from a sound sleep.  No more spotting though.  But the cramping was keeping me awake.  Honestly, it felt like contractions.  They were taking my breath away every 10 minutes.  I put a call in to the on-call doc, and started calling people to help, but few are awake at that hour.  The doc never called back (probably because it was change over) so I called into the office at 7:30, and told them about the cramps  They told me to get there as soon as I could.  Luckily, I'd gotten a hold of my sister who was going to meet us at the hospital to borrow Sam, and our friends down the street would put Chris on the bus with their son.  

So off we went.  I was nervous.  Blood and cramping are just not good.  

But it was a beautiful morning, foggy, and lovely.  Eerie and Awesome at the same time.  
Kind of like how I was feeling.  The 'contractions' seemed to be about 6 minutes.  

So Lisa met us at the hospital, and we zipped right in, they had me pee in a cup, but that was fine, and then they did the Ultrasound.  Immediately, I heard the heartbeat.  Praise the Lord!  Tears started falling from my eyes.  Baby was Fine.  Wiggling all over the place, and heart strong at 160.  Whew.

 The baby was so wiggly, they couldn't get a good look at the face, but here's a side shot, the white line is the spine, and the head is on the right, with a white jawbone pointing down.  Wiggly legs all over the place.  

The tech did manage to get a good look at the bottom half, and she spotted this.  Yes, It's A Boy! 

But then, she also found some blood floating around.  Not a lot, but enough that she called my doc in.  Luckily, my OB was in office (the day before a vacation) she's normally in Brownsburg, but we lucked out.  Dr. K took a look at the placenta, the tech thought she saw something.  Indeed, there was a small tear.  Not a full out placental abruption (those rips end up with a ton of blood and oxygen deprivation/death for the baby).  I don't have that.  I do have a  tiny tear.  So she ordered me to take it easy.  She said I could sit or lay down.  She also noticed I have an Irritable Uterus, which is making me contract.  So she said Take It Easy.  What about Thanksgiving? I asked.  She said I could go to Marion, but I'd have rest while there, take a nap, chill on the couch, make Eric do Everything. All weekend long.

We smiled.  At least we'd be able to visit our family.  And the baby was OK.

Suddenly, things were just fine, I just was going to have to take it easy.  And we were having another Boy!  That actually was a load off too, we've got all the stuff already for a boy, and I know how to take care of them.  A Girl, while wonderful, would have been a wild card.  Now we'll have 3 boys, our own set.  My first thought was of another family at church with 3 boys, and they'd come tearing through the narthex, and we'd all smile, they were adorable and crazy, I turned to Eric, "We're going to be that family, 'Oh there go those Willman Boys.'"   Yes, that will be just fine.

We called my sister, and once we established I was OK (mostly) she asked if they found out the sex.  I wouldn't tell her.  I wanted to tell her in person.  She called me a Jerk. Yes, perhaps. I was probably finding way too much joy in listening to her say stuff, like, Oh it must be a girl then if you're waiting to tell me.  No wait, you're trying to throw me off, it's a boy. Unless you want me to think it's a boy....
She probably flip flopped the entire drive to meet us for brunch (Eric and I fed the kids, but didn't eat breakfast ourselves, so once we could Exhale, we were starving.)  at Sweet and Savory.

Lisa met us there with all the yahoos.  And when I showed her the pictures, and that it was a boy, she cried. That was a heartwarming response.  Not that I want everyone to cry, but I do, and so do those that get me.  The kids were being so cute.  Sam and Annie were "Cleaning" Aunt Lisa's arms with sugar packets as soap, and Charlie had asked to 'turl her hair'.  Charlie's a twirler, just like Aunt Debbie, and a sweet little thumbsucker like Lisa, she twirled playdoh into her own hair, and Lisa had to cut it off, and give her the cute little pixie haircut.  Those girls sure are adorable!

I know where they get it.  We make cute kids, and I'm mighty Thankful to be making one more.