Saturday, November 24, 2012



Well, with Chris home sick last weekend, our plans got slightly modified.  We were supposed to have a Pre-Thanksgiving meal with my Dad, because it looked like Lisa would be leaving this week to get home to her hubs, only she hadn't gotten a car yet, so the plans changed to stay through Thanksgiving weekend.  (Hooray! )   So we met at my Dad's.  My stepmom makes a wonderful Thanksgiving spread.  However...when I got there with Sam (we left Chris at home with Daddy), I learned it was Turkey Pie night! My Favorite ! My stepmom is a wonderful cook, absolutely amazing.  Her Thanksgiving foods are legendary,  but for me, it's one of my favorites is when she takes the Thanksgiving leftovers and makes a turkey pie.  Picture it:  Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, peas, all in a homemade pie crust, smothered in gravy, and next to a side of butternut squash.  It's a perfect bite every time!  As soon as I tasted it, I couldn't help but think, THIS is a every pregnant woman's happy craving.  I didn't know, so I didn't take a picture this time, but I have snapped some in the past.  I think Eric may have married me because of this pie.  Shortly after we began dating,  my stepmom sent me back to college with an entire turkey pie just for us.  I heated it up for us, and I'm pretty sure Eric fell in love with me right there.  Not because he thought I made it, he knew the truth, but maybe he fell in love with me, because I Shared.

Anyway, turkey pie night is one of my favorites, I thought we'd be doing that next weekend maybe, so it was a very happy bonus to be getting it Before Thanksgiving.  Turns out MB had been cooking one ingredient at a time all week.  She did a whole Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving too.  But it was Turkey pie night for us.  Oh Happy Night.

And the kids were cute playing too...for a bit.  

It didn't last, it rarely does.  But for some time, they were sweet.  I cherish the sweet times.