Friday, November 16, 2012

For Tula May and more


Right now, as I'm typing, Eric's cousin is being admitted in labor.  I've very excited about this new Development.  So, here's the chain.  Eric's dad has 3 brothers, his youngest brother Jon, has 3 kids, the youngest is Sean.  Sean and his wife Anna are having the first grandchild on that side.  On November 3rd, I got to go up to Marion for the Baby Shower.  Unfortunately, due to circumstances, I was the only one of this branch of the family to make it.  But that gave me the opportunity to go shopping, and not having the boys also gave me the opportunity to talk to grownups and get a little crafty.  

This is Anna opening some of her presents, we got her a bag full of goodies off her registry, a couple sleep sacks, changing table covers, a taggie.  Really, my motto was, if it's soft, then buy it! 

Someone else got the baby, a book with a little Owl finger puppet.  Super Cute. 

Dollie Beth, who is Grandpa Wilbur's niece, but we all kind of treat her like an aunt, made this beautiful cross stitch blanket.   Her Dad was one of the eldest in Grandpa Wilbur's family, and Grandpa was the youngest.  Though I must say, at 96, it's fun to hear memories of Grandpa as a young whippersnapper.   During this, they revealed the baby's name is most likely to be Tula May. Tula is a nickname they used to call Anna when she was at Lutheran Summer Camp, I think it was Lake Luther, where she and Sean met.  So it's perfect to name the baby that. 

For the Crafting:  Aunt Betty had a spread with fabrics, templates, iron ons and onesies.  Oh my Goodness. It was so much fun, everyone (the girls) made onesies for the baby.  

This was one I made.  My handprint.  I realize I was betting high, her due date is the 24th, but I was just guessing she'd be here before Thanksgiving.   Looks like I might be right. ;) 

It was fun to get away, and I got home just in time to run the boys over to the Fusion Gymnastics Halloween Party.  The boys put on most of their costumes, and went to Gymnastics for a slumber party.  Technically, the start age is 4, but I asked if it would be OK for Sam to go with Chris.  They said Yes, if we would pop by later and check on them.  BOOYAH!  Eric and I got a date night, and the boys got a Gymnastics Party.  Too much fun for us all!

The boys were adorable.  They wouldn't stop running and jumping.  I did not envy Miss Heather.  Actually, I might have knighted her or nominated her for sainthood.  

However, when Eric went by at 11, the boys were laying down sweetly on their sleeping bags, so they both got permission to stay the night.  They had a Simply wonderful time.  When Eric picked them up the next morning, he was bombarded with compliments at how wonderful the boys were.  One teacher, was so moved while describing how affectionate the boys were, both of them snuggling and telling her they loved her.  It's true, they are both so loving, it's their best trait, and especially early in the morning, that's when it's the easiest to fall in love with them.  

*Labor stopped, and Anna went home a few hours after this was posted. :(