Monday, November 19, 2012

Progress and Pizza


Tuesday was a Wonderful day.  For the first time in 6 weeks I got to visit Kaylee.  I was so excited about that prospect, I completely Flaked that it was Sam's Field Trip day to Pizza Hut.  But I was Blessed to squeeze in a  brief visit with Kaylee.  She's looking so much better than the last time I saw her, laughing and silly.  True, her hair is thinning and she's got her baby cheeks back, but she's still the same old Kaylee.  She was chasing Artie, the kitty, around, playing games, and chattering with me about shows and cool stuff that I don't understand because I am not a preteen girl.  She was feeling good enough to help her Mommy and Daddy finish the basement project, putting down carpet squares, and putting a bed together.  She's gonna be a Handy gal too when she grows up!  

I was having so much fun just chattering away, I forgot to take pictures, and I was almost late for the first trip.   Somehow being pregnant just took my mind away, I forgot things that I never would have forgotten Before....

But we made it.  Even with a change of clothes in the car, we were only mildly tardy.   They put the kids together at a few large tables.  I was wary, I didn't think it a good idea to let a gaggle of preschoolers run wild in a restaurant, but I was pleasantly proven wrong. 

Mr. Larry, the manager, brought out personal pan pizzas for every child to decorate with cheese and pepperoni.  He was so good with the kids, making them laugh, even making ME laugh.  
It was Good.

Then all the kids lined up, single file, and walked into the Kitchen.  A couple parents blocked the hot parts of the oven with their bodies, so the kids weren't in any danger.  All sharps were Well out of reach.  Mr. Larry walked them through how to put their pizzas on the stove.  

When it was done cooking, Sam got to take his from Mr. Larry (who precut it!) and walk all the way to the table.  How's that for an exercise for a preschooler! 

Doing pizza this way, even Sam ate it!  And he never eats pepperoni pizza at home.  


I tell you what, normally Pizza Hut pizza disagrees with me, so I hadn't been there in years, but they had their salad bar buffet open, and I was able to find a few things that didn't make me ill.  Salad and pasta, and a thin crust pizza.  Not saying I stuffed myself silly, but I was not hungry when I left, and the staff was so wonderful with the kids!  Sam had so much fun, I tell you They'll be getting my business back.  Great Job Pizza Hut B'burg!  Love my kids, and  treat us well, you'll be getting my repeat business and recommendations!