Saturday, November 17, 2012

Getting Serious


We woke to a lovely morning.  Foggy.  Chilly.  My sister really has brought out the wild weather.

But we had to take Lisa and the girls back to Carmel last Thursday.  They were pretty excited to all ride in the car together.  Sam loved being in a Big Boy seat when we took him to Preschool.  
It's the little things.  

After taking Lisa home, I got a brief chance to go for a Brisk Walk with Kathleen.  We hadn't exercised since Fall Break, it was time.  It was a good workout, we probably only did 1 1/2 miles, not bad for a Walk, but at least I wasn't coughing up my lungs or peeing, like the last time I tried some form of exercise.  I don't want to gain a lot of weight with this baby, it would be no good on my spine, or the baby.  So far, I have lost 5 pounds, and gained back 3, I'd like to keep the net gain pretty low, so Kathleen and I figured a nice brisk walk would be a way to get out and exercise without overdoing it.  It worked!  I felt good.  

Now we just need to get out and do it again!