Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bryn's Birthday Bash


Sunday afternoon instead of naps around, as would be customary following a slumber party, we got to drive up to Camp Tecumseh for Bryn's Birthday Party.  Chris and I rode up with Emily and Kathleen, which was gret for all around.  Clearly Chris needed a nap, he conked out just after Lebanon.  Emily did too.

With that nap under his belt, by the time we got to camp, and we woke them, the kids were ready to go play with friends.  Chris couldn't wait to get playing on the playground, he remembered it from last year.  He was so excited.  

 We hadn't seen Bryn in months, she's grown so much, quite mature.  And definitely becoming a "Camp Kid".  She knows so many counselors and whatnot, she had requested some of them come back and do skits, and they were thrilled and honored to do so.  Even her Daddy got in on it, it was great, and a fun loving side of him that I'd never seen.  Living at Camp has been so good for their whole family.  

Now I never went to church camp in my day, but seeing the kids join up and do stuff like this, I simply can't wait to send the boys! 

We got to spend some time with baby Aiden, Amy's 4th!  I hadn't seen him much, but he looks a lot like his brother, and he's so mellow.  He didn't care that all the crazy that was going on around him.  He was even stopping and looking.  

And making adorable faces and blowing bubbles.  Gotta get me one of these!

Then the kids got to make S'mores!  Honestly, I thought Chris would be content to just eat plain marshmallows, that's what he usually does.  

But no, he surprised me, and put some on a stick and went a'roasting with friends.  Of course, then his caught fire, and golly darn, it was "too crunchy" for him, so it had to go to me.  Good thing he knows someone who absolutely loves burnt marshmallows.  And it was one thing that sat well and sounded good.  The minute we hit the farm, the smells made me ill, so I spent most of the party sitting and trying not to gag.  Charred marshmallows and ginger chews from Eric's cousin Katie really saved the day.  

Getting crazy with Shaylee.  These two were cohorts in crime, and all over the place, couldn't get any pictures of them not in motion.  Guess that's a good sign.  

The kids found a cart and were pushing each other around on it.  What crazy kids!

It was a lot of fun to see our friends.  I just wish I hadn't felt so terrible at the time.  
Next time maybe will be better.