Saturday, November 17, 2012

Froyo for a Cause


Monday was the Kindermusik fundraiser at Orange Leaf.  10% of all purchases would go into the scholarship fund, which Chris has been a recipient in the past, actually that's what got us into the Kindermusik organization.  Chris was 18 months old, and a friend of ours was starting a part-time job teaching the class, she said she thought with Chris's special needs he would qualify.  We fell in the love with the classes and the entire organization.  So much so, we recommended my mother-in-law become a teacher.  Now she teaches Chris's class, and it's been such a Gift to have her be his teacher.  On this night, after class, the boys and I drove thru Orange Leaf and we let the boys pick out a tubful of goodies to share.  They did pretty well.  It was standing room only in the place, everyone from our class went directly there, it was good to see.  But way too crowded for Mommy, and too chilly to stay outside, so we took our froyo home.

All of us were very happy to support the cause!