Saturday, June 30, 2012



Today was Mom's Retirement/Birthday Party!  Her birthday is tomorrow, but since she missed out on a proper Retirement party she decided to throw herself one.  Happy Retirement and Big Birthday!

The boys went to swim class and after lunch promptly lost their minds, so we needed to nap first before going to the party.  By the time we arrived, there were cars parked down the block, all over the place.  It was an Impressive Showing.   It did my heart good to see all these friends and family members show up to support Mom.  She has made such a difference in her career as a teacher.  We're blessed to have seen her at work as Chris's kindermusik teacher, and at church.  And we know what a treasure she is.  I am one of a very rare breed that absolutely adores their Mother In Law.  Well, if you've ever met my mother-in-law, then you know why.  She is super caring and helpful, and eagerly, willingly borrows kids or dogs,  to the point of forgetting herself.  

Don't Worry Mom!  I'll make sure to not overburden you with the Cuteness, but make sure you get to relax and enjoy your retirement.  

My cup overflowed at seeing at least 50 different people there. And that was just the friends and family we saw when we arrived.  There were tons of work and church friends that I didn't know, or people that had come and gone before our arrival.  We should have made a guestbook, but we didn't think of it.  I don't know why.

My kids were on Crazy duty.  Apparently, parties make them a little extra crazy. Chris had a fine time snacking, and then they just ran rampant.  They had a decent time playing together.  And for the first time, Sam pooped in a kind of public toilet, I was very proud of him.  Sam was funny when we started to clean up, his idea of helping was to scoop ice from one ice bucket into another.  He was quite focused on this task, and that was great distraction while we cleaned up.  

On a slightly related sidenote, have you ever been invited to a nice family dinner only to look at your children and just Know that they are not up to it?  We wanted to have a nice celebratory dinner while Aunt Teri and Uncle Bill were in town.  Someone said sushi.  Gotta tell you, that's my magic word.  I've been having terrible sushi cravings since my birthday.  I hate hate hate spending money on childcare, but since I haven't been helping out at the elementary school during the day, we had a bit of budget saved up, so we dropped the boys off at Kidz Depot, a wonderful drop in child care place around the way.   

Worth it.  And well worth finally being able to sit down at a meal with the Fam and be able to complete sentences and thoughts.  I don't get to do it very often.  Maybe when I retire too. ;)  


amypfan said...

Congrats to Christine... and yay for a night out for you!