Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tuesday's Top Twelve


Tuesday we thought we'd avoid the crowds and go to the zoo.  I was feeling better, spinally speaking, so we ventured forth, to meet the Julius girls at the zoo.  But Sam had just got a buzz haircut at the zoo, the night before, and somehow overnight, he has transformed into this Boy.  There were moments I couldn't distinguish him from Christopher.  And though I may call him Chris on occasion, I've always known.  But there were some moments looking at the back of his little bald head, where I couldn't tell.  Spooky I tell you.  But just so you know, these are All Sam, because Chris was at Day Camp.

1.  Sam's armed and ready.  Got festive Sunglasses - Will Travel.  Though he has to hold them on, because they are too big.  That doesn't stop him though.

2.  Sam tries to catch the dolphins.  Watching from beneath. 

3.   Now THIS is what I'm talking about.  If I didn't KNOW it was Sam, I'd be confused as to which child this was.   Sam likes giraffes. 

4.  Sam finds the elephants.  I'm telling you, Pure Boy.  

5.  The Cheetahs were up close to the fence, getting a little snick snack.  Once the food was gone, these two sisters were outta there.  But I didn't have my zoom lens, and I was like 3 feet away.  Big Cats. 

6.  Just as we were finishing up with Big Cats, and getting back to Heffalumps (elephants) the Julius girls arrived to add to the fun! 

7.  They had a great idea - Let's ride the Train!  The Train! The Train!  Would you could you on a train?

8.  Otters!  That's right, the river otters were out to play! 

9.  Pretty sure this was the first time I've seen the otters and the gibbons playing at the same time.  Apparently the scoop is they don't play well together, but they were playing, and there was cuteness.  

10.  Nice day for a swim.  And I don't know what that one was snacking on, but it was so cute.  So stereotypically Otter. 

11.  A little bit of dolphin visit for the girls, and for the road. 

12.  There's the dolphin!   I don't usually get decent shots, they move pretty fast, but this one turned out pretty cool. 

Good times at the zoo!  But I wouldn't recommend the first Tuesday of the month, apparently that's some kind of discount day, and the crowds were a bit crazy for my taste.  Kids don't care.  But when Mama goes crazy, everybody goes crazy.