Monday, June 18, 2012

Flag Day


For once, I remembered it was Flag Day ON Flag Day, and dressed the boys appropriately.

I took the boys outside to try to get them to pose all sweet and patriotic.  Yeah, that's about how it turned out too.  They were so busy being silly, it was hard to get them serious.  So I told them to salute.  

Christopher knew immediately what that meant.  And without prompting, Sam turned to his big brother trying to do the same thing.  Only it wasn't quite the same.  It was cuter.  Enjoy Sam and Chris's Salutes.  Most especially to Uncle James as he was celebrating the 237th birthday of the Army, fighting for our flag in Afghanistan.  We often think of him and pray for him, and take pictures saying Hi to him.  These were taken with him high in our hearts.  

 Luckily, we got to spend the day with some family too.  Eric's Grandpa and Aunt Teri were still in town, leaving late in the afternoon, so we suggested meeting for lunch.  We gave Grandpa a tour of the downstairs of the new house, he was very impressed, as are we all with the wonderful work Eric did on our house, then we went to Boulder Creek for lunch where the boys got silly with wiki sticks.

Afterwards we posed for some cheesy pictures outside.  It made it easier to say goodbye knowing that we'll be seeing them when we go to Florida for our Family vacation in October.  Aunt Teri is even coming back sooner, in a couple weeks.

It had been a hard enough week, I didn't want to add a hard goodbye in there too.  It was nice to just laugh and find some joy in each other's (and a couple crazy kids) presence.