Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Water babies


Can you spy, with your little eye, a couple of crazy sweetboys?  They're the ones in the white shirts with their swimsuits? Sam is on the edge by the umbrella, behaving sweetly, and Chris is floating in front of the little girl.  Yup, that's right, Floating.  Well, kind of, his arms are on the bottom of the pool with his body extended out behind him and his face partially underwater.  That's Huge.  It's funny that this year, the teacher (who isn't the same person he's had previously) comes up to us at the end of class and says, he's a little afraid to go underwater, or he's a little uncomfortable on his back.  I'm like Yes.  This is not a surprise, in fact, it's why we're here.  And really, he's not Freaking Out, and crying hysterically, and the manager has forgotten my name, because he hasn't had to come talk to us During class because Chris is behaving so badly.  This new teacher does not realize how huge this is.  I'll take "He's a Little..." any day.

Sorry about the quality and the partially hidden sweetboys, somehow just relaxing in the sun and the heat, talking about Sherlock Holmes and recent movies, I managed to NOT take a million pictures on Saturday.   Our job this weekend was to Relax, we did a fine job of it.