Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Miss Game Night

Back in the day, when Chris was 1, I met this friend by stalking her blog.  We'd gone to the same college, had overlapping friends, but hadn't met in person.  Suddenly, we have kids the same age, and she's just moved to my town. She invited us over to her house for Game Night.  Sunday nights, they hosted a gaggle of   folks, some from our school, some not, all with kids similar ages, and parents who liked to play games.
We started going regularly, then we all had more kids, more issues, less time for Game Night.  It went from weekly to monthly to quarterly.  Now as I sit here writing, I think the last game night I attended was last fall, maybe longer.  Oh my goodness.

However, yesterday was a Blessed day.  I got to meet up with two of my old game night friends, even though they've each moved away.  I had the boys with me too, so first we had a playdate with our friend Parker and her Mommy Suellen.  That little girl had the nerve to Grow on us, she easily weighs as much or more than Chris, only an inch of height between them at most and she's only 6 months older than Sam.

The kids played pretty well together, except for the old Sand in the eye from the wind trick. 

So we suited them all up, and sent them out to play after lunch. 

Although the water was chilly, the kids couldn't be kept out of it. 

This kid is crazy photogenic.  

Of course she's a beauty just like her Mama.  

But even though she plays with the camera, and teases me, the camera loves her.  Although with subjects as adorable as these, what's not to love?

My boys were especially handsome gently dripping, smothered in salt, sweat, sand and I don't know even what all. 

The sky was so blue it was fake.  It was misleading, it didn't feel like we were getting sunburns, but the kids did. I spent most of my time in the shade.  That's something new this year, the kids are content to play outside with their girlfriends for hours on end. 

Nice close up Mommy.  It would have been better if I could keep Sam's attention.  Unfortunately, only grapes and string cheese were working at that time.  Something about going swimming is downright exhausting! 

First the kids played in the pool, then they broke out the sprinkler and played there until they were exhausted, sunburned, and sweaty, and until Mommy started getting exhausted.  

Of course, Exhaustion is in the eye of the beholder.  On my way home, to Eric working at home because a fire main blew at his workplace, so we were giving him plenty of Quiet, I called to see if I could kidnap him and take him to Lafayette to meet Amy Pfanschmidt's baby Aiden.  He hemmed and hawwed a bit, saying he needed to finish his workday, but when it came down to it, he wanted to go too.  So we went.  It was a wild and crazy thing to do, but hey, we're Wild And Crazy. We hopped in the car, all 4 of us, and drove up to Bob Booky's IU Hospital affiliate.  Her hospital isn't quite as nice as where I delivered Sam, but that was like the Hyatt.  But it was cozy and comfy.  
It ended up being just fine for the boys wind down to some tv before the newest boy Baby Aiden rolled in.  He was adorable sleeping most of the time, but I hear tell it, that he is the Best Baby Ever.    Though Amy deserves an easy baby, her pregnancy was terribly hard.  I'm so glad it's over, now she can get back to recovering.  I could see right off she was feeling better.  

Of course, it could have been these:  Aiden donuts.   

Amy had a monster craving for these wicked donuts from Dunkin' Donuts there at the end, chocolate iced, brownie batter filled wickedness.  So instead of flowers we brought her Carbs.  Ah...

Initially we got to wait a while, the perfect amount of time to hear Aiden's birth story from mama, then they wheeled him in from having some testing done.  Honestly, this was a great sign as to how wonderful a baby he is, they had messed with him in all kinds of ways, and he was out like a light.  

So we let the boys hold him.  Only Chris got to hold him, and that was great.  Chris is such a perfect big brother, he knew just what to do to hold the baby.  

Daddy took a turn.  He's kind of a natural.  Makes me want more, so bad.  And I wanted some before I held this little miracle.  My husband is a really good Daddy. 

Perfect little monkey toes.  

Sam thought what the baby really needed was his hat.  

Chris on the other hand was totally infatuated with his "chinny chin chin".

This is my favorite, Mama giving her new little sweetboy a smoochie. 

I know a lot of you read Amy's blog, so you may be familiar with all the pain this pregnancy has brought.  Be assured, she's doing much better, and the baby is perfect.  He's already made everything worth it and easier just by being so wonderful.  And it's only going to get better.  

I wish we didn't live so far apart that only on random summer days do we get to see each other.  We need to reinstate Game Night.  Oo!  Oo!  I can host!