Saturday, July 14, 2012



It's been a whacky couple of weeks, somehow July has just flown by.  Understandably, we've been partying like nobody's business since the month started, then we went on vacation, then this week was VBS.  Whew!

We started off July like a Bang!

First, we got to Celebrate the Julius Twins 3rd Birthday.  It was a backyard splash party, and it couldn't been a better day for it, like most of this summer, hot and sunny.

We arrived just in time for some lunch and sweetness from Kristin and Sarah:

Then we got to watch them open their presents.  We got them clothes and some coloring apparati, not nearly as much fun as the spoilage that other folks inflicted.  The girls were having a fine time opening presents.  

Sarah was running around showing everyone her Team Umizoomi videos, which she was pretty excited about.  When I asked her to show me, she shoved it right Into my camera.  

Her royal highness Princess Kristin casting spells on Mommy....while she's running the video camera, it will be interesting to see how that turned out.  

Time for the Pool!  

At first Sarah wasn't interested in getting wet, she was content to play in the shade at the water table. I can't blame her, it was bloody hot outside.  However, when it is that hot, a pool is a very nice place to be.  

So she finally got in.  But as you can imagine, half a dozen preschoolers make it very difficult to catch 2 smiling side by side.  Or side by side at all actually.  They were cute, but very much doing their own thing.  

Then the balloons came out.  
Here's Trouble.

Kristin got into the balloons, but it was a little hard for her to find people to play "catch" with.

Her Grandpa said Yes.  But do you see that twinkle in his eye?  There may have been some temptation there, but I think she just dropped it herself.  Or ended up up throwing it into the pool, that became a great trend.  

Everybody was having a great time throwing things or jumping into the pool.  Sarah even started jumping up and down, would get a little wet, then jump up triumphant, I Did It!  

Eric got this one.  Apparently, Mary had to spend quite some time to get this one to bust on top of Emily's head.  But when it finally did, it was Awesome.   

Ah yes!  Time for Cake!  Or Cupcakes.  And Cookies.  

Miss Kristin was pretty excited about blowing out her big candle.  

Sarah needed a little help candle blowing.  Personally I think she just didn't want to come out of the pool.

And the cupcakes and cookies that our friend Juli made were so yummy.  

That's a temptation to keep me out of the pool any day!  

It was a great party, but so much time outdoors wore all of us out.  We went inside and made the mistake of sitting down.  We shouldn't have.  We could have easily fallen asleep.  Who knew that pool parties could be just as exhausting for the parents as the kids?  But mine had a great time.  And more importantly, so did the girls. 
However, it was a duel special day.  It was also Mom W's 60th.  And Aunt Teri was still in town from the party, though she had to be at the airport for her own flight out just before suppertime.  Meanwhile Ryan and the girls just got back from their Florida vacation, so we all decided to meet up at the airport for a Birthday dinner for Mom.  I know, it sounds weird, but it ended up being perfect.  The kids happily ate McDonald's, while the rest of us...Did Not.

Mom thought it was funny to celebrate her birthday dinner at the airport, but I'm assured she was where she wanted to be, surrounded by loving family.  When you're surrounded by lots of loved ones, wherever that is, it's a great party.