Saturday, June 9, 2012

What Boys Need


It was one of those Tense days.  Nobody was very interested in sleeping last night, or sleeping in this morning.  We didn't have much on the docket, and with the bonus addition of Christopher's changing moods, I threw up my hands, and threw the kids in the pool this morning.  None of us, were in good moods. 

So we decided to Kidnap Daddy for lunch.  

The boys wanted to go to White Castle.  So we did.  

While we were there, we saw this:  100% Beef, All White Meat Chicken.  

Label Fail. 

But the laughs were worth it.  Apparently, a nice crazy laughing break in the middle of the day, in big boy chairs provide just the break we needed.  Even White Castle.  Their chicken sandwiches are pretty tasty, but the rest isn't for me, but what IS for me, spending time with my family.  Even if its at White Castle.