Friday, June 15, 2012

Passing Thoughts

I've had a hard time writing this post.  How do you put into words all the joy and sadness all wrapped into one, when you say Goodbye to a family member?  And yet we did.  On Tuesday, we laid to rest, Jeannie Chambers, beloved wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and friend.
In my life, I've been really Blessed to have grandparents introduced to me, that welcomed me instantly into the family.  I had Grandma Pat, who first showed me that love, then Eric's family.  I have a vague memory of the first time I met Eric's grandparents, from way back when we were dating, they still lived in Marion, before they sold their house and bought a trailor so they could travel permanently.  We went up for New Years, I think it was, definitely winter, over the holidays, and they put Eric in another room, and me out on the couch.  Grandma kept popping out to check on me as she put everyone in the house to rest, asking if I was warm enough, was the couch ok, did I need another blanket?  She simply wanted to make sure I was comfortable.  Fussing over me like any of the other kids.  I was NOT used to be fussed over.  And I was not used to being welcomed openly into the family.  But she did that.  And not just for me, there were so many people at the funeral, folks that have been part of the family for years, all testifying to how Welcoming she was, how simple she made complex situations.  Her love was simple and pure, and unconditional.  What a gift she was.  And how she will be missed.


On lighter notes, my children were handsome and enchanting, maybe not so much to me, they chattered their way all through the service, and really wanted to run wild, squirreling at me, so I didn't hear much else,  but others were very complimentary.  I suppose overall they were pretty good, considering.  I know folks that don't/won't take their kids to a funeral, but Chris has unfortunately been to a few, and he is always really good, and his presence a blessing and happy distraction.  I figured Sam would be the same, but it wasn't quite.  Though his smile was a blessed distraction, he was a bit crazier, less content to sit and listen, though his smiles and laughter were equally enchanting as his brother's, he made me a little crazy, and his brother too, and two crazies in a funeral situation doesn't really work.  I am glad that others thought the boys behaved well, I have seen them be better.  They did ok.  Though yes, they were Handsome.  I will say this, my boys clean up good! 

Here was one great laugh of the day.  We went to this nifty, kind of swanky, new place in Marion after the service.  Aunt Teri got this desert, bread pudding, and the garnish on top was chocolate covered bacon.  Those who were inclined tried a bit, but Grandpa really liked it, and he gobbled it down, even getting chocolate on his fingers and face.  It was so sweet, to see him trying something new, even laughing about it.  

After the service and dinner, we hit the road.  The boys did well especially considering the funeral started at naptime.  So they crashed about halfway home.  So Sweet!