Monday, June 4, 2012

Being Comfy

Like I said this morning, I had a friend ask how Princess was adjusting.  And I've been experimenting in manual, trying to get good pictures of her.  Let's just say she's making herself at home.

Girlfriend will snuggle up with a pillow if we let her.  And take over the couch.  

Boy, can she be sweet.  

She's kind of hard to resist like this.  

So when I took Christopher to Day Camp this morning, I brought her with us, for the ride.  She behaved swimmingly, even let me step out of the car.  As a reward for all of us, we stopped at Starbucks.  And Prin got her very first Pup Cup full of Whipped Cream.  She was beside herself about it.  Not quite sure how to get her long snoz into that cup to get at it.  Fina was a cup eating pro, guess it comes from many years of cleaning out our cups.  Princess needs more practice.  But she was adorable and had a great time.  

Yes Mommy, I'm ready for my Close-Up!