Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Itching to go Camping


I've been itching to go camping this summer.  But it's been so Hot, and we've been limited vacation time since we already took a big trip, have one all set for October, and Eric had his surgery.  We lucked out to get invited to our friend's wedding in Wisconsin next weekend.  So, there's just not much time left for camping fun.  I hate saying it's not on the schedule, because I'm surrounded by woods, all I need is the fire and to relax.
This past weekend was the first time it's been under 90 on  the weekend in June.  That made our Camping Itch pretty fierce.  So Eric and I got a wild hair, we decided to Camp right in our own backyard.  It only makes sense, since we're in the woods, have our own fire pit, and space.  It could've been nasty with bugs, but Eric had bombed the backyard last week, and it was just the right level of buggy.  The occasional buzz by to scare the snot out of Sam.  Sam and I only got 1 mosquito each.  When I slapped my biter, Chris said, "Mommy, you and Sam have sweet blood.  The mosquitoes like you.  Daddy and I have spicy blood."

Well, the mosquitoes left them alone, and they cleared the sticks and put the tent up.  Sam and I worked hard taking a nap.  When we woke up, there was THIS in our backyard, and it Looked Awesome!

Here's a Top Ten of Camping fix:

1.  Camping Ready Boys

2.  Christopher is armed and dangerous with his special spy pack (aka the bag his folding chair comes in).

Some of my favorite moments, under a shady tree. 

3.  Anybody want a marshmallow?  Sam was in charge of distribution.  It was hard for him to not eat them too, but he hadn't eaten his veggies.  One of them did get some suspicious teethmarks....

4.  A perfectly roasted marshmallow.   Heaven on a stick.  

5.  Anybody want S'mores?  Using peanut butter cups instead of hershey bar provides a little bonus treat.  We had both kinds. 

6.  Oh no!  Marshmallow down! 
7.  Eric's favorite part: FIRE.

Nice crackling fire, and the occasional burning ant. :)

8.  Turns out Prinny is quite a 'mellow' camping dog.  

9.  Ah yes.  Eric as a happy man, with a big pile of hot fire and a cold beer.  

10.  Aww...aren't they sweet?  Yes.  They look sweet all bedded down for the night.  Only they weren't too inclined to sleep, until the sun went down.  Made for a bit less relaxing, and Sam ended up indoors.  But that's the perk of being in your own backyard.   You can come inside if you need to pee, or throw a sweetboy in his own bed.  

Yeah, they're cute.  We haven't taken the tent down yet, the boys just like to play in it, but we're headed into a heat wave.  We'll have to do this again, when it's not so hot.