Saturday, June 2, 2012

Back Scootin' Boogie


I don't know what I did to my spine, but it isn't happy.  And when the spine ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.
Near as I can tell, Thursday night after book club, I lay down in bed, and as my spine was settling, I got a rather nasty pop.  This happens sometimes, takes my breath away for a minute, but then I'm fine.  I had a therapist tell me once, Some People just have Loose Joints.  Kind of an epiphany for me.  My body pops out all the time, maybe a shoulder, a vertebrae, something.  And a person like me, with loose joints (not the cool finger popping double jointed ones that was cool when I was young) hurts themselves frequently, for No Good Reason.  Sucks.  But maybe that's why a Chiropractor helps.  He can't fix me permanently, but it helps rid the pain for a while.  Maybe that's why people think chiropractor's are hacks, they don't have loose joints, so it doesn't help them.  It does help me.

However, there was no help for me yesterday, because my chiro doesn't work on Fridays.

So I woke up yesterday morning, and padded my stiff butt downstairs.  I always hurt in the mornings, usually after coffee and a shower, I get my juices flowing, and I can get mobile.  Yesterday though, Eric asked me what I wanted for breakfast.
Coffee was my response.
There's a cup sitting right in front of you.  It was so sweet, he anticipated my need.  But what was wrong with me, that I didn't see it?  Must Need Coffee.
But then after drinking it, I got up from the table.  And I hurt.
Wherein lots of my back pain goes away after the morning stiffness, this did not work itself out.  It gets bad like this sometimes.  But I live with chronic pain, and I cope.  Yesterday was just a bad day.  I realized I don't write about it, I don't complain about it as often as it bugs me.  Some days are ok, some are worse, yesterday was worse. I couldn't bend over to touch my toes, had trouble getting dressed, hurt to the point to tears to pick up Sam.  No good at all.  But my children saved the day.  I had blown up at them for fighting over the tv, because watching tv was all I could let them do.  All I wanted to do was sit and not move, but not moving was hurting too.  So I took the boys outside, and we broke out their scooters.  It was cold, so they didn't last long, me neither thank goodness.

The boys on their scooters.  Eric just put Chris's together this week, so Chris's old one has now become Sam's.  They actually had pretty good instincts on how to ride them.  

 Princess kept me company in my chair, I love her little bat ears, and how she stops to smell the flowers.

 Christopher actually could get some good speed built up, and he came charging at me, stopped just short of hitting me.

They look so sweet together. 

Seeing them be sweet to each other made it worth the trouble of trying to get us all outside.  Blessedly, once again, Chris was a great helper, helping get himself and brother, and Princess all set up to come out and play.  Even though we only were outside for a few minutes, it was good. 

We watched tv most of the morning, except for this break.  At one point Christopher came over to me, and said, Mommy, do you need a break?  Yes I did.  Then I crawled from my seat to the floor, and just lay down, trying to stretch it out, maybe pop back whatever popped out.  No such luck, but I did have a sweetboy come over to me and offer me a magic hug.  Did you know Christopher has magic hugs? I swear, there's something calming about one of his hugs..  Miraculous.  And Healing.   And he gives them freely.
They helped me cope a bit, but lunch was waffles because I didn't have to bend to get them out or put them in the toaster, a sad state of affairs.  Just about the time, I was going to surrender and beg Eric to come home, it was almost naptime.  And I decided to cave and take a muscle relaxer, so that I could sleep.  Blessedly, the boys were quiet, and let me sleep.  I needed it, it helped.  I'm a bit better today, just taking it easy and chilling.