Thursday, June 14, 2012

Not Just Another Manic Monday


Another switch of the schedule and more insanity erupts.  The Day camp thing worked out a bit on Monday, Chris got to spend 2 hours there, while I was able to pack.  We were all heading up to Marion for the Viewing and Funeral for Eric's grandma.  I know it's weird, but I was crazy insane, busy trying to get every single bit of laundry in the house clean, so I knew exactly what to pack.  I did it, killed my back and didn't get everything put away.  I have a man eating pile of Clean laundry taking over my bed.  So Eric drove, while I basked in muscle relaxing glory.  And even now that I'm home, I look at that laundry pile, and run the other way.
Meanwhile, we thought that driving during naptime would induce the children to sleep.  No such luck.  However, once we got to the hotel, we got this.

Sam conked out for a nap.  And you bet your bippy I joined him.  

Meanwhile, Chris got a special treat for his Flush.  Mommy's ipad.  And though I got a power nap out of the deal, I may have created a monster. 

After some wind down time, we went next door to the funeral home for Grandma's Viewing.  There was a suprisingly large crowd there.  Eric's company had even sent flowers.  But it was great to see the extended family.  I hadn't seen them all together in years.  Funny how funerals bring every one together.  In the family lounge, they had cookies and coffee.  Well, I partook of both (decaf of course, at that hour), but so did the boys.  The boys overdosed on Crazy.  They were running around wild with their cousin Amber, who they found enchanting.  And she's so mature, she took on both of them, crazy and all.  I got to spend a little time with the grownups, but the kids were having so much fun, they were way loud for the indoors.  Crazy cookie time. 

After the Viewing, the Fam went out to dinner.  We basically took over the restaurant.  And that was good.  There was a lot of laughter, some good stories, and Amber was so enchanted by the boys she tried to buy them candy.  The whole, Sam can't have Red 40 thing, kind of threw her, but she was still enchanted.  And  vice versa.  I'm sure you won't be surprised, that Chris was holding her hand, and the door for her by the time we left.  So much love there that night.  

I don't mean to say it was one great party, it wasn't.  Grandma was never far from our thoughts.  She had been a wonderful warm welcoming woman, and this great showing of friends and family, and people that she made family really demonstrated how big and open her heart was.  She was a little lady, but she had a lot of heart. So all our fun together, it doesn't make up for the sadness, but the Joy of being together, makes it a lot easier to bear.  

Thank you to any readers that were able to make it up to the Viewing, we really appreciated the overwhelming support and love from our family and friends.