Saturday, June 30, 2012


It is Hot.  Ass Hot.  

This obnoxious for June.  Just plain gross. 

This just in from my stepmom, "It's officially hotter than Dutch Love."  You probably have to know my stepmom or her whole family (or mine) for a while before you hear us do Grandma Pat's running joke, "It's hotter than Dutch Love."  How hot is Dutch Love Grandma?  "Pretty Hot."  

We had Chris's friend C* over for a visit, and it was so hot that they just wanted to hang out inside and watch cartoons.  It must be seriously hot if they pass up the chance to Swim! 

However, once the sun was safe and sound on the other side of the house, and Eric was home, well, then was a great time for us to all go for a nice cleansing swim.  And it was Good. 

How wonderful that we are able to just dip in the pool whenever we wish.  

Hope this makes you think too, it's making me complain less about the heat.