Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Father's Day


The Job was to Relax.  Eric has been stressed out, and not exactly firing on all thrusters of good health.  This week he started a new round of antibiotics for a sinus infection, his 4th or 5th diagnosed one this year, not sure, that's how many.  Ugh.  So he wanted to Relax for Father's Day.  Consider it done....sort of.

1.   This is how my hubs spent the morning:  in the hammock, undisturbed, with coffee and Kindle (and Sherlock Holmes).   As it should be.  

2.  Christopher decided after a quick nap, that he really wanted to listen to the story Daddy was reading, Sherlock Holmes.  My big boys were and still are, pretty stinking cute.  

3. Happy Father's Day!  I love to get a picture of my boys with their Daddy on his special day.  Can you tell it was Hawaiian shirt day?

4.  He told us he was King.    Not sure of what.

5.  Spending the evening with my Dad, the yahoos needed to go outside and play.  Somehow I didn't manage to get any pictures of My Father, probably because I kept picking up His Camera instead of my own.  Normally Annie doesn't smile for me, or the camera, so I got lucky.  (Sorry about the panty peek)

6.  Oma and Opa broke out the bubbles.  Technically this one is NOT my picture, Eric took it, but it's my favorite one of Charlie chasing the bubbles.  How wonderful to be free as a  bubble chasing 2 year old. 

7.  Sam is learning to blow bubbles.  Slowly.  Mostly he just makes a bubbly slimey mess. 

8.  That's an adorable Bubble Blowing crew of Crazies! 

9.  They were so crazy, and Lisa was having a day, we invited the girls over for an impromptu slumber party, the purpose of which was to introduce Lisa to limoncello and Star Trek (the 2009 version), but it ended up being just a great time to just Be together.  The kids had a little swim, then watched some bedtime Yo Gabba Gabba.  Then the 2 hour long bedtime battle.  Took us 4 hours to watch a 2 hour movie.  

But they're Cute. 

10.  Before the sun sat, my sister took a break for Father's day too. When you're double timing for both mommy and daddy, you deserve to rest on both days!  So she took a hammock break with some beer and a cigarette.  The hammock went full circle.  I just love her face.  

Happy Father's Day one and all.  


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