Monday, June 4, 2012



A friend of mine asked to see some recent photos of Princess, to see how she's adjusting.  She's doing well, she's made herself quite at home.  HRH-Her Royal Highness is queen of all rugs and couches.  She's tried to rule over the beds, but there we draw the line.

Now that she's stopped peeing on the floor all the time, I can say she's adjusting well.  She likes to chew.  Yesterday it was one of the kids dinosaur toys, the day before it was a beanie baby Fish of Christopher's that caused him to lose his mind entirely.  Overall, having her forces them to keep their toys put a r way, because she doesn't distinguish what's hers and what is theirs.  When she does eat something, or pick up a pair of dirty undies or a random sock, she goes dashing through the house, with her ears so far back that she's bald.  When she's bald, she's scared, and she'll pee.  So I try really hard not to yell much more than NO!   That's enough for her.  I don't want to literally scare the pee out of her, I just want her to get it through her thick skull that the kid's toys are not for her.  But she's really, umm, "Not the sharpest knife in the place where you keep knives."  She's sweet though.  And her loving kindness makes up for the things she doesn't understand yet.
And more importantly, she loves the boys .  She's even warming up to Eric, she wouldn't leave him alone, snuggling, sticking her nose in his elbow, licking him, all kinds of love.  He says, I know I wanted her to like me, but not This Much.  And when either child cries, she is Right There.  She gets so upset when Chris loses it.  She's like the PDD-NOS equivalent of a Therapy dog.  When he starts a freak out, she is right in his face, pacing, and it forces him to stop, and calm himself down, so he can calm her down.   That's been an amazing bonus.