Monday, June 18, 2012

100 Acres


Friday I took Sam to the 100 Acres park over by the IMA.   The last time we went, I'm pretty sure, a. either he was in a bucket, or b. he didn't exist, because I don't recall taking him around, I remember taking pics of Chris and Emily, but not the little siblings.  On this day, we met our friends Juli, Kathleen, and the twins.  

So, a little Top 10 from our visit to the park.

1.  Sam, so cool, checking me out from behind a little artsy boathouse fence.

2.  Time to throw some stones into the lake! 

3.  Sweet Twins in sun or shade.  

4.  There was this exhibit, that I swear, looked like a giant live animal trapped.  So we trapped some really adorable live animals!  

5.  Our friend Juli was also might happy to be on Summer Vacation!  This is probably my favorite pictures from that day that didn't involve Sam.  

6.  Because THIS would be my favorite Sam picture.  I just love this picture of Juli holding Sam up against the sky.  Nothing says summer like a sweetboy against a pure blue sky.  

7.  And FLOWERS....  oh the lovely wildflowers.  Here's some little white daisy cousins, I was content calling them that, but the gardner to be in me wants to know their names. In the quest for discovering the names of flowers, I found a new happy website that has been helping me to identfiy Wildflowers
 This one is called Daisy Fleabane. 

8. And some pretty wild looking Black-Eyed Susans.  

9.  I was intrigued by this one:  Orange Milkweed.  Going to have some happy butterflies pretty soon! 

10.  And now I've learned this one lavender blue one is called Chicory.  Huh, that's what they make into the coffee substitute, huh.  Too pretty to be harvesting.    

I am having too much fun taking pictures of, and learning about these flowers.  Too bad it was 90 something obnoxious degrees, and we were on a time crunch to pick up the elders, we could've had a lot of fun staying all day.  Gonna have to go back!