Saturday, June 9, 2012

Stop and Smell the Roses


Eric got me 14 beautiful red roses for our anniversary.  And while we were home yesterday, the boys were content to smell them.  

We've been having a rough week.  Christopher's day camp messed up with the paperwork, and we've had to make calls and drive all over town to get things reorganized.  In the mean time, he's been home, and mad, because he'd rather be at camp.  Having him home, with no routine, or with a constant change in his routine.  Keeping him home has been best. Then Eric's grandma passed away yesterday.  She was 82, wonderful mom, grandma, and great-grandma.  She'd broken her hip a couple weeks ago, and was a bit confused, then Wednesday she got really confused so they took her to the hospital, and suddenly within 24 hours, she was gone.  They suspect a UTI or Bladder infection.  But it was Fast.  Too fast.  
Our hearts are heavy, and we're anticipating more crazy schedule and change in routine.  But somehow in the midst of the sadness, were finding comfort in just being together, stopping and smelling the roses.  


Unknown said...

I'm so sorry Cathy. I've been thinking about you.