Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sunday is for Sweetboys


On Sunday, Christopher and I had a bit of a date.  Quality Time and all that.  One of his friends from kindergarten was having his 6th birthday party.  I wasn't too inclined to spend the day at the park, but Chris wanted to, terribly.  So we went.  It ended up being very well shaded, good food, and nice company.  I love kindergartners.  They are so sweet.  As a third wheel Mom, I thought I might be bored, but the kids were enchanting.  It was a Super Heroes themed party, The Avengers.  Christopher will not be seeing the recent live action movie for a long while, way too violent for the young, quite entertaining for me though.  In the mean time, I don't mind supporting the merchandise, or the cartoons, or comics.  If Super Heroes bring my son Joy, or playing them, then I'm ok with that.  I am actually quite fond of Batman, using his brains to create stuff, instead of having some sort of nuclear accident.  
On this day though, Christopher's favorite was Captain America.  He's pretty ok too. Anybody that uses a good defense instead of an offense is ok in my book.  

Plus, doesn't Christopher look simply adorable in that mask?!  Yes!