Tuesday, June 26, 2012

After the Rain


Sure, they look all sweet and adorable in their matching shirts, but dealing with them on Thursday was a bit rough.  Sam and I did Potty Training Boot Camp. He looks all sweet and innocent.  We spent most of the mornings this week naked, and he does great. But today we gave underwear a go, and he only bat about 50/50 success rate.  50% is not done, Fully Potty Trained, but it's Progress!  


Luckily, Thursday was my evening off.  And even though it wasn't a big stress day, I was grateful to get away.  It's like They Know, they know when I'm about to get away.  So they get Craziest right before it's time for me to go, making it easier to go.  While I was driving we got a blustery storm rolling in.  It was lovely to see those dark clouds, but the wind was blowing up all this dust, all along my path, I couldn't tell if it was dust making it hard to see stretches of road,or if the rain had finally started.  

The rain finally let loose while I was inside, and was ever so kind as to finish up just as quickly.  So it was good to get some stuff off my chest, and was good for the area to get some rain.  It's been really dry around here, bordering drought.  Happy Summer.  It's supposed to be finally the first day of summer, and we finally get rain! 

It was lovely when I came out, so my friend Kathleen and I took off to West Park for a C25K Week 1 run. Turns out the weather was Perfect.  It was the first run not in the dark under 80 degrees that I've done in I can't even remember how long.  As the sun started peeking out from under the clouds, the water in the park ponds really began sparkling.  Gorgeous! 

Something amazing about a sun setting, the glow on greenage after a rain. 

Breathtaking.  I'm really loving the water lilies. 

I know the green gold glow is a little funky, but they are just how they looked in the setting sun.  

And as the sun  came out from under the clouds, all the water lily flowers started popping up out of the water.  I suppose if I had lots of time, and lots of daylight left, that I would have stayed at watched all the flowers open up.  I just need to get back over there!

But I had miles to go before I sleep.  The sun was setting, and we were thirsty...maybe a little hungry too.

After all, once we spent all those calories running, well mostly, my hip gave out there at the end, but I kept walking, we had most certainly earned a little visit to a new frozen yogurt shop.  Well, new to me.  

Oh Boy Yo Joy!