Saturday, June 30, 2012

Driven to Doubly Drinking


You know how they say, It's Always Darkest Just before Dawn?  Well it's true.  It's also the absolute worst right before you go on Vacation.  Coming up we've got 3 parties in 4 days, followed by a 5 day vacation, Yipes!  I was feeling the stress this week.
So when a friend of mine suggested meeting for coffee at the Target Starbucks, I jumped at the chance.  As it turned out, I had recently finally found my birthday present, Target Gift Card from my sister. It was hidden in the back of a book.   When she gave it to me, she ordered me, "You must spend it on your self, don't go and buy diapers or toilet paper."  So I didn't.  I must confess, I did buy some treats  for me, starting with a venti coconut mocha frappaccino, and then I picked up some fun nail polish, as well as presents for others, and some totally fun goodies for our upcoming trip.    Is it terrible that Sam is always asking to go to Starbucks?  Chris's first favorite place was McDonald's, he would spy the golden arches, and start chanting French Fries (fesh fies).  Sam is ever asking to go Starbucks.  Perhaps he knows I have a weakness for their festive beverages, and he knows he'll get yummy fruit snacks every time he goes.  Yes, I cave.   But we do, and it's fun.  And this day was no different.

We were all kinds of productive: drinking, walking, shopping.  Then we had to go home, nap get a brother, who was a little crazy.  But I tell you, it's always darkest just before dawn.  The kids get most bonkers just before I have a girl's night out too.  And mine were being extra crazy.  It boggles my mind sometimes what people do that have normal kids do when they stress, do they even get stressed out?!  Me, I drink.  And have the occasional girl's night.  Kathleen and I were finally cashing in our Mother's Day gifts.  Our sweet  hubbies had gotten us gift certificates good for one lovely Pedicure.  So we were going to get all Purty before next week's festivities. 

I wanted something red, white and blue, very patriotic festive, for the 4th next week, and for our friend's wedding, which is coming up, and her colors are going to be red, white, and blue too.  They didn't have much beyond the great Red that Kathleen chose (see left).  I chose the new OPI red crackle, and put it over white.  It was a really cool effect, but it kind of came off more pink than red.

Still with our happy toes, we had to get happy minds, so we went to the new(ish) Dawson's Too over on Main St.  They were having half price martini's, and the weather was starting to get hot, so we needed to cool down, so had sampled a couple and split a pizza, it was totally a great girls's night.  Just what I needed.

So Tasty Too!  Just like candy, honest!    

Great company, good drinks, it was just what I needed as a boost to get all my preparations done for the next couple weeks.   I am certainly Blessed!