Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Wild Hair


You ever wake up on a summer's day, and just not feel like doing anything at all.  Sunday was one of those days.  We fully had the intention of making it to church...we just didn't.  Usually on Sunday mornings, I tell the boys they can't watch tv until after they have had breakfast and gotten dressed.  So, Chris gets dressed, and Eric and I are still in our jammies.  Chris looks at us and says, "Daddy, if me and Sam are playing hard, and you and Mommy are talking hard, we may not make it to church."  We didn't.  Instead, I got a wild hair, and asked to go to Edinburgh in search of new bras and ice cream.
I had heard that they were having a Buy 2, Get 2 on bras at Lane Bryant, and the outlet has a much bigger selection (aka my size) than the stores up here.  PLUS, if we went down there, we could find the infamous ice cream shop I'd heard so much about in Columbus.  I got no arguements.  Surprisingly.  So we went.

But first, we had to create a map, for my Navigator.

Christopher had his own map printed off, so he could follow exactly where we were going.  He was so adorable! We had 2 stops: First, Edinburgh, so Mommy could take advantage of the bra sale, and then if the boys were good, we'd hit the croc store.  Princess had eaten Chris's crocs, and the flip flops he was using all summer were taking a beating.  We hit both, and managed to snag Daddy some shorts too!  

Did you know that Columbus, IN considers itself the Architecture capital of the world?  I didn't either.  Apparently, there's a school there.  So they have these crazy fancy bridges.  I remember when my grandparents lived down there, they built the I-65 (above) one, and I thought it was the ugliest thing ever.  However, driving under it, nearly a decade later, I found it kind of neat.  Maybe, it takes me a decade or so to warm up to modern art. 

Or maybe I've been looking at too many macaroni noodle drawings too. 

Our second major destination was Zaharakos, a recently revamped old time Ice Cream Shoppe.  You know it's gonna be good if Shop ends with an E. 

This was on my menu, a little hard to see, but these were some of the original pieces/furniture, classically awesome vintage pieces.   What was cracking me up, was that Eric was reading it at the table, while Sam and I cruised around looking at the little museum.  

I tried to keep Sam from touching, but all that sparkly silver, he couldn't resist.  

And I don't know if you can read all the flavors.  But THAT'S why he couldn't resist.  He is MY son after all:    cream, strawberry, banana, lemon, sarsparilla (root beer), oh and Chocolate.  Wickedness.  

This was the working counter.  So fun!  

This was their player piano organ.  It played every 15 minutes.  

So when it started up playing Stars and Stripes forever, it took Daddy to keep them from running up and touching it. 

Aww...Aren't they sweet?

 Aww...Aren't we sweet too? 

Can't you hear that Ferris Bueller music?  Bom Bom, Du Na Na Na Na.  OH YEAH.

Eric got a Cherry Soda (ice cream soda and cherry syrup).  I got a hot fudge sundae with rasperry chip ice cream.  The boys got chocolate mint and chocolate ice creams with their cones on the side.  Oh my word, the wickedness.  It was So Good! Absolutely worth the drive. 

Check out this Tiffany lamp!  

My favorite boys outside the shop, sugared up, but tired.  

So we commenced the drive home.  However, as we approached Greenwood, I started to get the nibbleez. I had had visions of meeting my Dad and Stepmom for lunch at our favorite pizza and wings place, Brozzini's.  But it hadn't worked out.  Yet, I was still craving their wings.  As I was mentioning this, for what was most likely the third or fourth time, Eric said, OK, Let's Go!  So we pulled off the exit.  I called my Dad, and the things that had prevented them from joining us for lunch were all back to normal, so Oma and Opa met us for wings.  The kids CHARGED across the restaurant when they walked in the door.  She hates having her picture taken, but it brings my heart such Joy to see the boys so loved on.  They were so Excited to see Oma and Opa!  

Being able eat some good food, be productive, and kind of wild and crazy, was just the sort of break we needed. It really got us pumped up for our vacation next week.