Saturday, June 9, 2012

Just Keep Swimming


I feel old.  Today was the first day of the boys' swim classes.  This year Sam is old enough to be in the class by himself, without me.  It was weird to sit back in the sun, just hanging out taking pictures.  Weird, but kind of cool.  This summer has been a huge transition for me, moving from Sam being my baby, to being a little boy, and Chris, my little boy, is now a big boy.

However, they still get crazy enough to give me reminders that they are still young, and my parenting job is not done yet.  There have been many meltdowns this week, today, just a few minutes ago, probably due to the random schedule changes that Chris was not prepared for.  But also little brother has become quite the teaser, and he knows exactly how to egg Chris on, and it works every time.  Today, I can't even recall how many joint timeouts they got for fighting with each other.    I love summer, but at the same time it makes me crazy.  The only saving grace I've been finding that at least the weather is good enough, that a run around the house or a swim in the pool wears them all out enough to sleep, giving me enough of a break, to gain energy to take on the next chunk of the day.

Today though, it was Swim Class.  And it went Great!  

So here's a Top Ten of the photos from this morning:

1.  Someone's ready to hit the pool!

2. Christopher getting excited and cold when wet in his big kid class. 

3. Sam waits,  not so patiently, for his class to start. 

4.  Sam is the littlest kid in his class.  I shouldn't be surprised, and yet, he looks so little.  I'm not ready for him to grow up. 

5.  Chris works the kickboard, kicking like a champ, while Sam is distracted potching in the water. 

6.  Sam happily splashes.  

7.  After his big class assessment was done, he headed for the waterslide.  So Impressive!  He didn't decide he liked it until like the last class from last summer.  This year, he's on it first thing, and having a great time!  

8.  Check out the Awesomeness, Chris giving his High 3 fingers for landing awesome off the waterslide, while his friends Mary and Emily play in the background.  Sam is standing at the end of his class, ready to hop in. 

9.  Another awesome landing off the waterslide! 

10.  The End.  They are Blue, and they don't care, they had a Wonderful time!