Thursday, May 31, 2012

To the Museum!


Christopher wanted to visit the Children's Museum.  And since it looked a bit rainy today, we headed there. There were a few exhibits that had opened since we'd last taken Christopher and Sam there, which I think may have been back in December, maybe.  Anyway, for a place that we visit often, things had changed.
For example, they had an x-14 bomber in the atrium.  The kids thought it was cool, but were pretty bummed they couldn't get on it, in it, or touch it.  OK, one thing in the whole museum.

So we moved on.  To the Lego exhibit.  This one just opened up a couple months ago, and we hadn't been in to see it yet.  But it was kind of neat, legos and traveling, and various methods of transportation.  The boys were in hog heaven.  

First they flew a plane together. 

Then they raced a car, as you can see they didn't stop moving,  and the car was entirely made from legos.  

How would you travel?  RV?  Cruise ship?  Train?  All of the above Baby! 

They even had a build your own car and race it with lego duplos.   

We stopped for a snack, then zipped across the hall to the brand new Hot Wheels For Reals exhibit.  But since that one just opened up this past weekend, it was a little bit bonkers with crowd in there.  I hope we get to go when it calms down some more, maybe there's a member's night coming up, because it was cool but crazy.  They had half a dozen cars in there to see, and even one that they could pretend drive.  And tons of little hot wheels ramps and stuff for the kids to play with/on. 

Zoom Zoom.

As much as the boys dug the motorcycles, there was an even cooler thing they wanted to do.  There was this long line, and it wrapped around, and climbed up a staircase.  On one hand you could launch a tiny hot wheels car and it would zip down a ramp and through a loop-de-loop, then the kids could sit down and go down a Real slide too.  Oh yeah, kid heaven.  Chris did it once, and Sam went crazy, he wanted to do it too.  But of course, he was less patient with the waiting.  But Chris leapt into great Big Brother role, and prevented Sam from cutting in line, which he was desperate to do.  . 

He looks so stern.  I know, wonder where he gets it? Me.  But it was sweet.  I only wish Sam could've understand how we were trying to help him.  Because when it came time for Sam to launch his car,  he thought we were taking it away, and he Flipped Out.  Big time meltdown lead us to immediately leave the exhibit, which caused Chris to melt down too.  Big Time.  So we had to go home and put everyone to bed.  Not exactly the happy ending everyone wanted, but it was still a good visit.  

I tell you what, THAT is why we have the membership, in the event that we have meltdowns we can leave, and come back another time.  So we shall, sweetboys, so we shall.