Saturday, December 29, 2012

Still not quite "Out"


Another day home and the only one of us to venture out of the house was Eric.  He dug us out, so that he could go to the store...well, Kroger.  We needed skim milk, and I was craving egg rolls. He also picked me up a blood pressure cuff!   Eric took Sam with him, as once he was awake, I couldn't handle him, I had no energy.  There's just something about Christmas time that makes me want Chinese Food!  But all day, I pretty much spent in bed.  I had gotten up and gotten swirly dizzy, so bad I had to lay on the floor and went back to bed.  It was kind of scary.  But at least I had Eric home to help me out.  Tried for a 2 nap day...that didn't work so well early on, but by 4 after my decent nap, I was able to venture downstairs for a bit.  First time all day.  And the sun was even peeping out!

Nice snow!