Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snow in my village


This was just after midnight on Friday night:

More snow had begun to fall.  And it was so beautiful, that without the flash, but only the natural reflective light coming from the snow and sky, I didn't need a flash at all.  Ambient glowing Gorgeousness. 

The next morning, we awoke to a snow covered landscape that Called to us all. 
We had to go outside and play! 

Even Me.  

I know, I know, I had no business going outside, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to take pretty snow pictures.  They are just some amongst my favorites.  
Hello, my name is Cathy, I have a terrible weakness for pictures of trees in snow...or dogs in snow...or my children in snow....or just snow in general.  

Christopher begins the great march out to play.  Grandma got him a snow shovel for the first snow of the season, and he's used it to shovel off the back stoop a couple times, he enjoys taking out into the yard to dig around a big. 

This trip out was extra awesome, because Daddy joined us!  


Honestly, the snow didn't make very good snowballs, but that didn't stop my elder boyz from trying.  

Sam was the only sane one.  He stayed in.  He had No Desire Whatsoever to go outside and play.  He was perfectly content to watch from the window.  I probably should have joined him, but I can't resist getting outside in the thick of it.  

Seriously!?  How can you resist this?  
I can't.  Our 'new' yard has gorgeous trees, and when they are in bloom, in color, or dripping in snow, I just find God's beauty so awe-inspiring.  

Princess was just Inspired to run and be crazy.  That works too. 

Love my little snow covered Angel flower pot hanger.  

On the back line of our yard is a row of pine trees.  

So Beautiful, literally Dripping from the weight of the snow. 

My favorite from the day.  

Chris tried to sneak up on Prinny to bean her with a snowball.  But I told him No.  She still doesn't play very well, being abused makes her a little skitchy, throwing snowballs at her is not quite a good idea yet. 

So check out who he turned his sights on...that's right, he beaned me.  Right in the giant belly.  

Hard to miss. 

Best pic of him.  Mommy's Winter Baby. 

To the top of the sycamore.  

Meanwhile my elder boyz started rolling a snowball to the side of the house...and they just kept rolling it.  
That was supposed to be the head of the snowman, but it just kept getting bigger.  So they decided to make it them middle.  Teamwork!

What's going to work?  Teamwork! 

They put dried flowers and sticks on the face, but Chris came up and banged on the door (I was inside with Sam by this time) and asked first for a carrot for the nose.  Done. Then another trip, he wanted grapes for eyes.  Done.  Then he NEEDED a cap and scarf.  

So what snowman (person, since with this skirt and girly beret, it's a snowwoman, or snowperson) can't have gloves.  Reminded me of Laverne and Shirley with the random gloves on the stick.  

Christopher with his Masterpiece. *  

(This last pic was taken by Eric, as I was too exhausted, and had to sit on the floor in the front hall drooling and jealous peeking out the window, you can kind of see Prinny and I watching in the windows by the front door.) 

After the snow playing, I had a warm lunch and went down for naps.  When I woke up, Eric and I got a wild hair.  He had wanted to do one thing on his vacation, to go to the movies, specifically either the Hobbit or Les Miserables.  I was dying to go to the movies.  But I thought it might not be a possibility.  But Mom, Dad, and Aunt Teri swooped in to the rescue, volunteering to watch a couple sweetboys while Mommy and Daddy went on a date.  Sam didn't nap, but I'd gotten one, and we went and caught a matinee, out just in time for dinner.  And yes, the Hobbit is AWESOME!  

As an added bonus, Eric took me to dinner at our favorite thai place, Thai Lanna.  I got my pad thai and chicken on a stick, and it was Good.  I love that place.  And we hit it when there wasn't anyone there, we had the whole staff (who are excellent) to ourselves.  I didn't run out of water at all.  And that's a trick lately, given how much I drink.  I felt like a grownup.  Not like a gimpy girl on bedrest.  I felt like a woman out having a nice evening with her husband...almost (dare I say it?) Normal.  It's been so rare for us to have normal moments.  Most babysitting gigs we have are so I can run to the hospital, and we make the most of it, trying to catch dinner or lunch on the way home.  But we hadn't been on a date like that in I don't know how long.  Too long.  I was so Thankful to Mom, Dad, and Aunt Teri for banding together to borrow the boys for us.  Mom hasn't been feeling great, she's not 100% healthy yet.  Getting better, but not quite there yet.  So it really was a team effort. 


They even got Chris and Sam to sit together and be nice, watching tv at the same time.  Amazing. 

 But they say "It takes a village."  I am so Blessed by my village.