Sunday, December 9, 2012

Crummy Day Redeemed


Tuesday was a stressor.  I spent half the day worrying about what I was going to do about Eric and bell choir.  I had asked for help in the evenings, and it hadn't worked out.  Eric is directing the bell choir at church for Christmas performance, and last week, I wanted him to stay home so we could do the tree, Family tree.  Plus I am not fond of being at home at night without him.  The week before last was when I ended up putting the kids to bed alone, Chris and Sam both fought me, and they ended up in time out with me cuddled up in a ball on the floor.  The next day more cramping and bleeding, and I ended up getting checked out at the hospital.  So, I'm not too inclined to handle bedtime with the boys.  

So, getting help didn't work out for the evening,  and I didn't want to pay for a sitter (we're running out of $$) so Eric was planning on just taking the boys with him.  Not the best choice, but better than leaving them with me.  But right before he got home I started bleeding again, this time rather fresh.  I'd bled a bit on Saturday and Monday, but not enough to scare me.  This scared me.  I hadn't done much, aside from getting upset in the morning, I'd had people stop by, and they'd yelled at me to sit, in fact joining me on the couch for talking time.  Still it scared me, and I went zipping to the hospital....and paying for a sitter anyway.

Fast forward 2 hours, and the Baby is (still) Fine.  The staff was not as friendly this time, treating more like I was overreacting than helping.  SERIOUSLY!?  Bleeding when I'm pregnant is not normal.  Nor is this rather annoying contracting pain and exhaustion.  It's my third pregnancy, you'd think I'd know what is Not Normal for my body.  Blessedly, the doctor (once she finally came in) seemed a bit more sympathetic and understanding.  She did an ultrasound, confirmed the tear, duh, and told me to not worry unless I bled enough to fill a pad.  Which I hadn't.  But that was good to know, in fact would have enjoyed that knowledge before.  

Luckily, Eric was wonderful, and understanding.  Even though after all my tizzies about bell choir, he didn't end up going after all.  On the way home, as I was apologizing for my catastrophizing, he said, "Better to Catastrophize than to have Catastrophies." 

Yes.  And on the upside, the day was not entirely bad.  I had two Elvish friends stop by after running errands with me, taking care of me, and Helping.  And it was a beautiful sunset as we drove to the hospital, we got to hear the heartbeat, see our little trickster do his wiggling tricks, and have some quality conversation on our own.  And a great end of the day was that the Turkey Pie that my Stepmom had sent over was done when we came home. ;) 


Unknown said...

Love how Eric is so loving in the midst of this worry.