Wednesday, December 26, 2012

With Some My Favorite Folks


Thursday the 13th was  a Lucky day for me.  I got to spend it with some of my favorite people.  It was Kathleen's birthday, but she came out to play with me.  Kathleen met me at my house armed with Dunkin Donuts and Chai Tea.  So Yummy!  Then we met Lisa at K-mart and did some shopping.  Lisa pushed me around in the wheelchair, so that I could do a little shopping too.  At one point, I was in the wheelchair, pushing the cart we'd picked up, like some double long semi-trailer.   Boy could I corner, I surprised even myself!

Unfortunately, holding a cart did wear out my abs a bit, so I couldn't do much.  I was done after just an hour in the Kmart.  Kathleen had to go retrieve her children, but Lisa offered to send Sam to join the girls at Kidz Depot, so she snagged him from school, and we took him to join his cousins.  He was Thrilled!  And we went to a grown up  lunch for sushi at Tegry.  Mmmm....seaweed salad.  

It was so fun to bond with my favorite gals.  My sis and I were having a great time being silly and sweet.  

"Sisters.  Sisters.  There were never such devoted sisters." 

After naps, we met Kathleen and joined our fams at 5 Guys for cheeseburgers for dinner.  Now this was a birthday dinner Christopher could get behind.  Cheeseburgers are his favorite!  She loved the Cubs Pillow Pet we got for her.  It was so snuggly!  

Kathleen just had to raspberry some of that back flab.  (Not that Sam has much, but when you see it, you've got to get it.) 

Sam is so tickle-able. 


I found it funny, that I probably had more fun getting out with my gal's on Kathleen's birthday than maybe she did.  It was such a big treat for me too.  It was a Good day.