Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Brootday Party


Sam's found a new, favorite way to ride...on Mommy's lap as Daddy pushes me in the wheelchair we borrowed from church.  His sheer Joy at riding along makes it so much easier (almost fun) to be riding along instead of going on my own steam.  Saturday night was my Stepmother's Birthday, and amazingly, they were able to be home on her birthday, so she declared she wanted a Family Dinner downtown at the Rathskellar.  If you've never been down there, you should.  A wonderful German restaurant, with some of my favorite things: schnitzel and noodles. :)  

And it's as good as my Stepmom makes, and she learned from little german hausfraus.    So, for once she Doesn't cook, and we got to meet downtown.  

Charlie discovers the beauty of dipping a potato pancake in applesauce.  The wisdom imparted from her Aunt Cathy...You're Welcome Chuckles. 

What a Spread! 

After our amazing dinner, we decided to take the scenic route home, driving by the circle.  But so, it seemed, did everyone else in town.  It took us half an hour to circle that block.  But the tree looked so lovely.  If I get to feeling better, I'd love for the boys to write a couple letters to Santa, and Eric to wheel me around, so I can take pictures, and let them mail them, and just bask in the beauty of the lights.  

I love this town at Christmas time!  

It hurts me to be stuck at home, I feel like the boys are missing out on some of our favorite family traditions: lights at the Zoo, meeting Santa at the Children's Museum.  They've been suffering a lot lately, and there is very little I can do about it.  At least we got out as a family, had a nice dinner downtown, circled the circle, I can cross that one off my list.  Christopher found it hysterical that the traffic was moving so slowly, we were being passed by horses.  There are lots of Horse and Carriages that run downtown this time of year, jingling bells.  As we're driving along...still in line, still on the circle, he pipes up, "Remember the time when we were driving on the circle, and we got passed by a horse...twice?"