Friday, December 28, 2012

A Belated Birthday Dinner


Inadvertantly, we started a tradition, only we hadn't realized it until Sam came along.  Every year, we have a birthday party at home, and every other year, we have a birthday party Out.  This was Chris's year to have his birthday party at home.  But one of the things he was really sad about was not going to Chuck E. Cheese.  I suppose if it had been an Out year, we would've been having a mass party insanity at Chuck E's.  Luckily, we didn't.  But since Chris doesn't usually ask for much, I told him we'd try to go, just our family.  So Saturday night, after Mommy had rested all day, while the Boyz had gone to Marion for Willman Extended Family Christmas, we went to Chuck E. Cheese's for dinner.

Christopher was very happy about this decision.  

Sam was pretty thrilled too.  He'd been bummed about all the present he hadn't been receiving.  

Chris even shared his coins for rides Sam adored.   They played so well together, it didn't even matter that I was exhausted, or that Chuck E's was bat$#(! crazy.  The boys had a wonderful time just playing together. 

And I enjoyed watching the boys have so much fun together.  It was fun for me to feel like a nice, normal, family of 4....for a while there, anyway.