Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our Church Program


Sunday the 17th, Chris and Sam got to participate in the Church Christmas Program.   I loved how as soon as we got to church that Sunday morning, I had a benchful of handsome young men right next to me all waiting patiently for costume time. 

Christopher was a Shepherd.  He even had a speaking line...but we'll get to that.  

Sam was a lamb.  More like a lamba-lamba-ding-dong. 

He was playing much more than focusing on any words of songs, or hand motions. 

Each child with a speaking part brought out a letter, to spell out MIRACLE, and set it down before speaking their line.   Chris was the C. 


Sam was cracking me up, being so silly.  Not really doing what he was supposed to do.  Every time he raised his arms his belly would show.  Yes, that shirt is too short, guess he's outgrowing that one. 

The shepherd recieve word from the Angel, and so they go see Baby Jesus.  

They take all their lambs with them.  

Some lambs are sillier than others. ;)

The End. Almost...

Christopher at his first Children's Bell Choir performance, they played Joy to the World by pointing to a color chart.  Chris was the Blue Bell, he refuses to try any other color.

Best little bell choir in the midwest! 

And the Miracle WAS Jesus!