Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday Baby


Also known as How many outfits can one boy wear on his birthday?!  

On the 21st of December, Christopher turned 7 years old.  It was a Crazy, Amazing Day, so to narrow it down, I'll just do a Top Ten of the photos from that very special day. 

1.  To Start - The Birthday Pig brought Chris a watch.  Apparently, the Pig thought Chris was ready to wear one.  So he brought Chris a Lego Star Wars watch, which Chris thought was the coolest thing ever.  But you know, that's what the Pig does...brings you your heart's desire. 

2.  Christopher had gone to bed when Kathleen and I made Ninjabread men the night before, so he had a happy surprise in the morning, when we'd taken the last bit of dough and made him a special heart shaped gingerbread cookie.  

3.  Amazingly enough, we'd gotten a few inches of snow in the night.  So Christopher had a 2 hour delay for school.  Thank goodness it wasn't cancelled, he would've lost his mind.  But the phone call to tell us woke everybody up, so we were up and ready at usual time anyway.  However, 2 hours is just enough extra time for a boy to go outside and play in the snow a bit before school! 

4. My little angel makes his first Snow Angel of the season. :) 

5.  On top of being Christopher's birthday, it was also the Winter Party at school.  Eric and I both went to school to help out with the party.  Chris was so excited, as it was also his birthday, he got to be the star of the day, during Share Time he got to sit on the teacher's lap, and share first when she asked, what you were looking forward to on Winter Break.  Chris said he wanted to go to the Museum and see Santa.  In the meantime, we made penguin snow measuring sticks as a craft, had cookies and milk, and played a couple fun games.  It was a Great Party!  He is really Blessed to have a Great teacher at a Great school!

6.   After school, Chris wanted to get dressed up for his Birthday Party.   Pretty Snazzy! 

7.  One of the things Christopher asked for (besides a pinata and a Super Karate Cake) was a Giant Pile of Cheeseburgers.   So Daddy grilled the that the boy could have cheeseburgers.  They were a big hit! 

8.  Christopher blows out his candles from his "Super Karate" cake.  It was black cake (chocolate) with white icing, and had some Ninjabread man jumping, kicking, and doing awesome karate like moves.  

9.  Chris took over the front hall to open his presents.  What a spoiling was there!  But can you really spoil a sweetboy?  I don't think so.  But our family and friends sure did try. 

10.  After the Party, we got the boys ready for bed, and we had almost forgotten to give Chris his present from Daddy and I.  It was a Gi (aka Karate Pajamas) and Karate Classes to begin in the new year.  We finally feel like he is ready.  He was so excited, he immediately had to practice his moves.  

What can I say?!  The boy has Skillz.  
He's always been amazing, a miracle, and every year, every day, he confirms it.