Thursday, December 27, 2012

Getting Festive


I haven't really felt like doing much Holiday festive lately.  OK, I Feel like it, like I'm dying to go the zoo, but then when I get swirly just walking down the stairs, it becomes clear I'm not making it to the zoo, and I'm not making pfeffernuss and springerle cookies this year.  That one really saddened me.  I love to make holiday cookies.  I love the way the house smells when I make these spice cookies.

However, my stepmom had a great idea/alternative.  She invited us over for Cookie Decorating.  My stepmom makes a wicked awesome assortment of cookies every year, and she had this great set up for the boys (and I) to decorate some cookies.  We did Reindeer, Santa face cookies.  There were even little houses and ornaments to decorate.  What a Setup!  And we got leftover party sandwiches for lunch.  No ones leftovers are as awesome as my stepmom's.  Hello?! Turkey pie.  This was ham, egg, or chicken salad sandwich croissants.  And Cookies, and fruit.  Oh yeah, it was Great.

Meanwhile, the kids decorated cookies:

Initially, Sam only wanted to eat marshmallows while Chris made cookies, here he's doing a reindeer cookie. 

And Chris made a great house. 

Sam decided he needed green sugar on his house.  He upended the whole and dumped green sugar everywhere! 

There was a Mountain of green sugar on that cookie, so tall that Eric had to help him move it into the box. 

Chris finished making cookies and got to play with his cousins Annie and Charlie for a bit before they took off. 

Black cake for dessert.   

After naps, we stayed in for the evening, chilling out.  This was Princess's Christmas picture.  
She looks so regal, that's very misleading. 

Daddy had finally found some matching jammies so the boys put them on and posed a bit for me.  

Merry Christmas!

Such sweetness. 

We decided to have Family Movie Night.  

Once that tv went on, I didn't have their attention anymore.  

That's OK, the Grinch is one of my favorites too.  

After watching the Grinch, we surprised the boys by taking them out for a Christmas light drive.  They were so excited, they thought they were going to bed, but we got them.  We drove down to the Town Hall, through Arbuckle Park and over to The White Christmas show before circling home.  
It was a lovely night for it.  

It was a good day, really got me started in feeling the Christmas spirit!