Friday, December 28, 2012

My Precioussss


Look what my Dad and Stepmom got us for Christmas!!!

I know, I'm old.  I'm totally stoked about getting a new dryer.  How amazing is it, that this new dryer will stop all by itself!?  It even has more than one setting.  Our old dryer had pooped out to only operating on 1 setting - ON.  No cool, no fluff, just On.  And it was Hot.  And there was no cool down.  And it no longer stopped by itself.  (So we couldn't run the dryer and then leave the house, or take a nap) We had a kitchen timer we used, set it for an hour, and it would beep at the hour, at which point, we'd open the door, for manual cool  down.  My Dad and Stepmom had popped by, during a time when the alarm went off, and I had to yell for Eric to get it, because I can't.  This apparently made my stepmom twitchy, so they offered to get us a dryer for Christmas.  AWESOME!  

So, you know you're old when a dryer thrills you to know end.  It's pretty, clean, and the venting tubing on the back practically sparkles it's so new!  And it's pretty darn nifty to just throw a load of laundry into the dryer, and go to bed.  Very Nice.  

Thank you Daddy and MB!!!!