Monday, December 31, 2012

The last day of 2012


What a great way to end 2012! 

Our friends Emilie and Brian got married on New Year's Eve.  We've known Emilie since high school, and her Dad used to be our pastor. Chris used to call Emilie, Big Obs (as opposed to his friend Emily, who is the same age, 'little Emily', or just Obs) and she lives in the same neighborhood as we do.  This was the first wedding we've been to at our church, and it was just lovely. It was snowing gently, and the bride was beautiful, and the groom handsome.   As it should be.

Brian and his groomsmen take their places.

Emilie and her Dad, Pastor Bill, come down the aisle.  It was so beautiful.  

I probably stood a bit more than I should have, because by the time we got to the reception at the Rathskeller I was Done.  We had table assignments, and Eric had brought me in my wheelchair, we got tehre pretty early in comparison to most of the wedding crowd, so we parked me in the corner, but once everyone had made it into the room, there was no easy way for me and my chair to get out.  They had a buffet, with schnitzel and spaetzle!  Oh my, it rocked!  But unfortunately, Eric has to be my gopher in buffet lines, consequently he had to go through twice, once for me, once for him, by the time he sat down, I was mostly done.  It was a bit of a bummer.  Being "handicapped" at buffets or in crowded places is rough.  I told him, when I'm healthy I want to go a swanky buffet, and fill up my own plates, and walk to the bathroom all by myself, and then fill up More plates.  So there!  We waited until my bladder was going to burst, and we had to leave.  They had a "photo booth", but the line was so long, there was no way. I can't wait in any lines, it's depressing, and no one would want a picture of that anyway.  We stayed for dinner and for the cutting of the cake and the first dance, but then we had to head out.  My body was simply done.  

I wish I had the strength to hold out, and party like a grownup.  Alas, no. 

On the other hand, the boys were having a great dinner with Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Teri. When we arrived at 10, they were camped out on the floor like a slumber party! Playing sweetly, and everything.  I totally crashed out on Mom W's couch, which was way more comfortable than a wheelchair in a ballroom. 
And the boys held out.  They started to Blither about 11:20, I didn't think they'd make it all the way to midnight.  Sam was literally circling.  You know how they say, circling the drain?  Well, Sam was just circling the room, so tired, that if he stopped moving he knew he'd fall asleep.  When both of them were moving, they were so clutzy they kept blamming into each other.  So we sat them down next to us to watch the ball drop.

I asked Mom if she had some sparkling grape juice, or wine for the occasion?  Nope.  No one had been feeling well enough to think of those things...until 11:45.  So we did what we do best, we Improvised!  Mom broke out the Diet Cherry 7 Up.  (Hey, it's pink, it's sparkles, and in me and Mom's case, it's non-alcoholic!)   She broke out her festive glasses and filled us all up, ready for the ball to drop.

Even the boys, got their own tiny shot glasses of Diet Cherry 7 up.  

A toast!  



Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on your entire year of blogging!