Friday, December 28, 2012

Getting Cooking!


Christopher woke up very excited the day before his birthday, he couldn't wait for his birthday, and he really wanted to bake the cake.   So he got up, got dressed, and was extra efficient in the morning, so I thought, what the heck, let's put the cake together, and get it baking before he heads off to school.  So we did.

My boys are Excellent Baker's Helpers!  

Love how he gets all covered with chocolate before school! 

And Sam's got a little Hitler mustache. 

But we baked up the cake, and I laid down as soon as Chris and Sam were off to school, it was nice.  
Cake turned out Wonderfully.  

Later that evening...when I had another splash of energy, Kathleen came over to help make Ninjabread men.  

Christopher wanted a "Super Karate" cake.  Since that is a superhero he made up, I was able to take liberties.  So Kat brought over gingerbread cookie mix, and we made up some cookies.  It felt so good to cook.  This was my season, I bake cookies and cakes, and it's been so frustrating to have to sit down just to get a cup of milk, and lay down after mixing cake batter and tossing it in the oven, it really had been frustrating me that I couldn't make my holiday staples.  No pfeffernuss or springerle, not even peanut butter truffles, it's been terrible, making me feel awful about the holidays.   So this day's cooking really was a turning point for the holidays, maybe I overdid it a little, but not much.  Kathleen kept yelling at me to sit down!  It was wonderful to have a helper for the cookies, and what a great one she was!
 For a gal who swears she doesn't bake, she did a Wonderful Job!   

Ninjabread Man dough. 

Love how the guys seem to be jumping and kicking all over the cookie tray.  Regular gingerbread men will seem so boring after these guys.  

Some finished products...yes, we did taste test to make sure they were ok.  They were. :) 


Melissa A. said...

I love your ninjabread men! Where did you find those super cool cookie cutters?

Cathy Willman said..., they were only 10$. Totally worth it!