Sunday, December 16, 2012

MFM and stuff


Monday was a wild day.  We woke up to our sump pump failing, so Eric stayed home "working from home" so that he could call guys and get it all worked out.  The guys he called, from Mishler Plumbing was so efficient, he was out 1/2 hour after we got through to him, and had something rigged up to start pumping water out within an hour.  We ended up doing a more permanent fix, one we couldn't really afford, but we needed a fix, so we did it.  
I wanted to document this story, to just say how Good God is!  We had played the odds this holiday season, and lost.  We had chosen to use our emergency fund to pay for Christmas, thinking that Eric will get his bonus in January and we'll reimburse it then.  Playing the odds we wouldn't have an emergency before January.   So when the sump pump died, we had to dig deep to find the money to pay for it.  We borrowed from Christopher's college fund.  How terrible it felt to have to borrow from our kids.  But technically, we had the money, so I guess I shouldn't feel so awful, it really ended up working out. Still though.. The very next day, Eric went to a work and they had a meeting, talking about how they had this insurance company, I don't even understand it all, that would reimburse you some of the $$ you'd paid if you'd met your entire deductible, like secondary insurance.  It really would only matter to people who meet their deductible...which is us.  Every Year.  So Eric came home and filled out the paperwork, and Bam! We qualified. Of course I don't understand all the great and gory details, so I'm just chalking it to God providing.  But by the end of the week, we had money direct deposited in our account, enough to reimburse Chris AND the Emergency Fund!  Isn't God Good!?!  My Mom used to say, that when you truly needed it most, God would have money would appear in the mail.  And it did.  For her, for us.  Now we're in the 21st century, and God is putting it in Direct Deposit!  

Anyway, once the sump pump drama was over, Eric took Sam to Kindermusik so I could rest up.  Since declaring myself on bedrest, I find naps are Manditory, and I can only really do one thing a day.  My appointment with the High Risk folks in Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) wasn't until 2, so I wanted to squeeze in a nap before.  Luckily, with Eric home, I could do that.  So I napped before our appt.  And Eric took me up to Carmel.  
It was a great appointment.  I got to spend 45 minutes staring at my baby on ultrasound.  It was Great!  He was healthy, wiggly.  They were so thorough.  They were measuring his heart, head, bones, everything.  And he was wiggling all over the place.  The little Trickster!  They even got a look at his lips, they were ruling out all kinds of really big health issues.  When we told them about Chris, they started trying to look at his spine, but he was way too wiggly, kind of taking that as a good sign.  They clocked me at 19 weeks 4 days, based on size, even though I was only 19 weeks 1 day based on when the my estimated due date from Dr. K.  Still, looking like he's growing great on the inside.   My tear is still there, tiny, but still there.  So I'm healing but not healed.  The doctor answered my questions, I was worried about how long we'd be on bedrest, he said Weeks.  I'll be going back again to see them in 3 weeks.  As for beyond that, we don't know for sure.  I was worried about losing what strength I've got.  He says, maybe we can start some sort of an exercise regimen about 28 weeks.  He actually liked what we've been doing.  He said "Keep doing it".  OK.  I guess if it keeps the baby healthy for me to lay like broccoli all the time, I'll just keep doing it. 

Of course, being on screen for 45 minutes, they got plenty of shots of him.  But they only gave me these.  This one cracked us up, he's got his hand up by his mouth, pinky up. So funny.  He's a wiggly little minx this one. That's why we're leaning towards Jacob as his name, for Jacob the Trickster.  But he already has me having heart attacks on a regular basis, while he's just fine, doing the backstroke in my belly.  But he's a Joy, and when all this is done, it will have been worth it.  

Oh yes, and yes, he's a boy.  Very Confirmed.  Still a boy.  :)