Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More Good Eats


Sunday I had another failed get together, and the really crummy thing was I'd skipped church so that I'd have enough energy to join my friend in cookie making in the late afternoon/evening.  I was very bummed when it didn't work out.  But my wonderful husband leapt to the rescue and made Peanut Butter Cookies.

You know I had to sample a few...oh yes, they were Divine!  He said, "Not bad for a cookie with no flour made by a guy who doesn't bake."  No babe, not bad at all.  It's taking all the will power I've got not to eat them for every single meal.  Peanut butter is good for you right....

As he was finishing up the last batch, his Mom called.  His birthday present had arrived, and they wondered if we could do a nice birthday dinner.  As a matter of fact, luck would have it, we could!  So we met them at Hirosaki (now owned by the Ginza owners, and one of our favorite sushi places in town!) for dinner.  

Mom and Dad gave Eric a Piano Tuning Kit.  I'd been on the prowl for one for years for him, he wanted so bad to learn how to tune our beautiful baby grand himself.  Now he can!  He was totally stoked! 

It's a Thing!  Yeah, I don't know what all the parts are, but they are really cool.  

Instead of dessert, Eric got a special roll, that came served on fire.  

In his book, better to blow that out than a birthday cake with candles.  He'd rather have dessert sushi than cake any day.  It was a weekend full of Good Eats.   Good Company, Good Food, Good Times. 

Happy Birthday Hon!