Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sweet Date


Well, the computer hard drive died, and no computer in the house would read SD cards, including my laptop, but for Christmas Mommy got some new toys....a new tablet computer, and another hard drive, and Eric is working hard getting the band back together.

Meanwhile, I'm way behind on my blogs, so to show you what you've missed, let's start with going Way Back to the 11th of December.  Sam had school, and a Riley appt.  I picked him up from school (way to go me!), how happy I was to see that this was the day he had made a  'gingerbread house', well, he'd glued graham crackers and icing together.

The really awesome thing I adored, about his new school, was that while the other kids waltzed out with houses covered in red 40 nightmares, Sam's didn't have a smidge of red 40 anything on it.  It was covered with marshmallows, chocolate chips, and little gingerbread marshmallows.  He was so stoked to eat it, he didn't even make it out of the school without snacking on it.  ;)

So, I took my sweet date (note he's covered in icing) to Friday's for lunch.  We played I Spy while we waited for our food.  As it turns out Friday's is a great place to play I Spy, because they have all kinds of random crap all over the walls.  Yellow buses, and red stop signs, Sam plays a mean game of I Spy. You know just going out with one child is rather nice, he and I hardly ever do it.  But we each got just what we needed: me - fried green beans, and Sam - macaroni and cheese. 
After swinging by and picking up Eric after our lunch (he had a lunch meeting of his own) we drove to Riley to meet with an ENT for Sam, who hasn't been sleeping, who's been grumpy, and had large tonsils.  If we were looking at surgery, I wanted it done at the end of the year.  Well, to sum up a long day, for me anyway,  the doctor said his tonsils were big, but not huge, so he wants to do a Sleep Study, and they'll schedule it sometime in the next two weeks (so there goes our hope of getting any surgery done while we've already capped the medical insurance for the year).   I was hoping that if they wanted to do that, we could get it all done before I'm too pregnant to not be able to go with him, but being on bedrest, and having to be wheeled thru hospitals, I don't think I'll be the one to go with him, not to a surgery, and not to the surgery.  Coming to grips with that, not being able to be there for him when he needs me has been very hard for me. 
But maybe, just maybe, since his tonsils are smaller than huge, he may not need the surgery at all.  That would be really nice too.  Though I still think something isn't quite right, he's not sleeping right, cries out and crawls into bed with me every night, and he didn't used to do that...and it's not because of the bedrest, because he started in October.  
Anyway, he's doing ok, no ear tubes, ears looked good, actually aside from being covered in icing, he was good.  Excellent.  For once, he actually Said Ahhh, when the doctor told him too, rather than having to force the issue.  
So when we got in the car, and he asked for a marshmallow...I caved, plus I really wanted to keep him awake until we got home, so the both of us could Nap.  It worked, but he stripped the gingerbread house entirely by the time we got home.  :)